How do you know when to turn back halfway through a run?

I'm going to do my first run tomorrow (gulp!) having eaten badly and not exercised for a year.

This might sound a bit daft but I wondered if there was something on that podcast that told you when you're half way through and you should turn back to head back home. I'm worried about ending up half hour away and then having to walk back knackered after my first run!

Does the podcast tell you when you're halfway through or should I just keep an eye on the time?


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9 Replies

  • good luck tomorrow :)

    first run is 5min warmup walk followed by 8 intervals of 1min running 90second walking with another 5min walk at the end. perhaps turn round once you have done 4 of the running bits? dont worry, laura will be with you all the way. I seem to remember she tells you when you have 2 runs left.

  • HI, I currently do an "out and back" rather than a circular route, I am not sure if the podcast contains a "you are half way through message" or not, I just keep an eye on the time and turn round at about 15 minutes.

    Best of luck with your first run, let us know how you get on

  • In the first couple of weeks I walked up to the local park and then just went up and down more or less the same stretch of path for the running and walking bits. That way I kept about 5 mins' walk from home - although I've found that a few extra mins' warmdown are always welcome. Good luck, keep coming back on here for encouragement, and go, go, GO!!!

  • If I remember correctly, and I'm sure I do, Laura always says that you are halfway through your run so head back home.

  • Shelley and bizzy have the best advice. sorry tattyanne Laura doesn't always say half way through the session and the running walking combinations alter quite a bit over the weeks so distance covered alters a bit, Laura let's you know you are half way through some of the longer running bits in later weeks rather than the session itself

    Littlebitscared you'll work it out don't worry

  • Littlebitscared, if you turn around after your 4th run (maybe a little bit into the walking bit) you'll be at the spot you started by the end of the podcats. I did it for the whole of week 1 and nearly every time finished the podcast when I turned into my driveway.

    And after the first run you'll see if it worked or if you have to go a bit (less) further the next time.

    Good luck and enjoy your first run! Nothing like coming home from it and thinking "Oh my god, I really did it!" :D

  • Hi everyone thank you for all your replies - I did it!!! It was no where near as bad as I thought it would be, in fact (shock horror) I quite enjoyed it. @SuZi you're right - it is great to think I really did it!

    I turned round about 15 minutes long which worked out fine. Now I have an idea of roughly how far I can cover I'll be able to plan a route that loops.

    Thank you to you all for your encouragement. I wasn't expecting the number of numbers or the level of support. I'll def be spending some time on this forum based on the helpfulness of the replies. Thank you to you all!

  • Well done!!! That's one of the biggest hurdles out of the way, getting started. Before long you'll be anticipating your next run and looking forward to it:-)

    I agree the level of support and speed of response on this forum have definitely helped me along.

    Good running!

  • Always good to retrace your steps otherwise you might get lost. Well I do, and that often makes your run soooo much further.

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