Couch to 5K

Week 5 here I come!

I'm about to start week 5 and have to say a little bit nervous about run 3. After reading posts on here I know it's a bit of a hurdle. Having said that, reading what you lovely lot put on here I'm also reassured that so many of you have already done it and survived (and even carried on) then so can I!!

I'm going to take it VERY steady, concentrate on my breathing, relax and try to enjoy myself!

I'm loving this running malarkey :-) :-)

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You've got it. Both the right idea and a developing addiction.

Good luck and keep us posted.


Thats the spirit! I'm also embarking on week 5 with the first run tomorrow so fingers crossed for both of us :-)

I was half considering listening to the podcast for run 3 before it though, I havent minded the music on them so far but wondered if I listended to the other tracks on my mp3 it might help 20 mins go a bit easier. Only worry would be if I started singing along to them its bad enough i mutter away to an invisable Laura most of the time.


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