Couch to 5K

Week 5 is here!

Well, it went well and I found that I could change my pace a bit to 'rest' while running, then increase it a bit again here and there. Also, Laura is right! My recovery times are getting quicker.

I even managed an extra three minute run at the end, so pleased, and partly down to encouragement on here from reading posts and kind responses.

Thanks everyone, I think I'm half way there!

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Well done on what sounds like a very satisfying run. I'd be interested to know about how you changed your pace while running so that you could 'rest' a bit as that sounds like it could work for me. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


Hi! :-) Thanks, I just took smaller steps and slowed down for a while, but it turns out I hurt my knee and I have spent the rest of the day walking around like Herr Flick! I didn't feel it until afterwards.

It'll probably be okay by Thursday though!


That's interesting because I was doing stepping stones on Saturday and had to make my steps a lot smaller to coincide with the beat according to the instructions on the podcast. It felt really uncomfortable as I'm used to my lazy plod (which actually gets me further, faster). I finished up with a minor injury as a result. Maybe it's best to find our own comfortable pace and stick with it? Thank you for this information. Cheers.


That is interesting. Maybe I'll leave that for a while then! Thanks for the feedback Fitmo! :-)


Purely as a matter of interest, I was chatting to a chap on the marina today who has done a marathon. I mentioned to him that I was having problems keeping to the beat of a podcast and he said, quietly and without being patronising, "Don't worry, you will find your own pace!. I thought that was quite good advice. My feedback is simply that, feedback. You may find a completely different experience so go with what is comfortable for you. Cheers.


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