Zapped Wk 1 - Run 3

Yay, I've completed Wk 1 run 3. I was naughty to be honest, because I completed it yesterday, the day after I completed the second run. Not sure if that does too much damage, but I was out doing this 10,000+ walk for Cancer Research and just felt like doing it as I know I may struggle for time this week.

I must say that it was hard, but it felt less strenuous providing I breathe correctly and simply take my steps slowly and not jog too quickly. I do hope I enjoy the rest of this, as I really would like the happy feeling people get from running and hopefully tone up and shift a few pounds.

Aching last night though and this morning, all over, not just my legs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ and I potted some plants and baskets in the afternoon lol. Did roughly 16,500+ steps in total.

Will commence Wk 2 mid week 😊 Woop Woop πŸ‘πŸ‘£β€


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  • Seems ok as long as you're not straining yourself. I did week 3 run 2 yesterday morning and did one of week 1 in evening to increase pace speed.

  • A good road to the injury couch.

    Take your rest days and stick with the programme as is. It is tried and tested to build your running legs gently.

  • Follow the Millsie-J says.. any deviation is a sure-fire way to hit the IC... and it is not a nice place:(

    Be kind to your body:)

  • You should always take rest days, stick with the programme.

  • Rest days, especially at this early stage as Millsie-J says, are essential...:) were walking as well... and I think you most probably realise, this morning, that your body is telling you, it was not a good idea.

    Start as you mean to go on and reach the podium injury free :)

  • Yes, very true. I only sat fir an hour finally last night, but when I went to get up, I really found myself to be very stiff. Plus I did gardening when I came back and did 2 hanging baskets and 26 plants and been walking for a couple of hours, total of 7 miles yesterday, lol. Though I wasn't laughing. I won't do 2 runs in a row again. Thanks for advice 😊

  • You did well to stand up!!! Phew!

    I think I would have been really crocked.. ( mind, I am an old bird) :)

    Really well done you anyway.. :) There are a few folk on the forum who think the slow and steady approach and taking rest days is a myth.. and I am always going on about it. But it does work :)

    Looking forward to your next post !! :)

  • So many people think the programme is just the run sessions. It isn't. The days when you don't run are part of it, investing in the future. The way is littered with boom and busters who thought they knew better, who thought that it was just about getting to a finish line as quickly as possible rather than a healthy lifestyle.

    That's not to say that the sky will fall in (although it is awfully rainy today thanks a lot, haha)... nor that most of us don't experience the temptation at some point... Hope you've got away with it.

  • πŸƒ woohoo! πŸƒ

    I haven't started week 2 yet as life has totally got in my way!!!

    Week2 Run1 shall commence soon!!! πŸ˜‚ xx

  • Good luck with your 10000 steps - I tried it in September but struggled to do it every day. If I'd done the C25k maybe I would have got there!

  • Thank you all lovelies for your comments, very much appreciated.

    Good luck Lisa for your second week. Life gets in the way, it's a pain haha.

    This 10,000 steps is challenging mind, to think I have another 25 days to go.......ahhhhh 😣 but I've said I'd do it and I have to go through with it. I should be fitter than when I started, lol. I'm getting used to more exercise, so it has to be good. Stiff as a board in the morning though πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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