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planning one thing then doing another!

So for my first run in couple of weeks and I had originally planned to ease back into it gently and not risk picking up a niggly injury. Plus I was feeling a bit low after not running so the idea was to pep myself up and go back to familiar territory with Laura & the W9 podcast.

Walking down the road on the warm up, a couple of runners whizzed passed, and their pace reminded me that I really am still a novice runner - but - I am also a graduate novice runner, and one who can run for 40 mins, plus I have been graduated for some time now. If I am ever going to improve I need to do more than what Laura can offer me, as good as she is, I know I have outrun her now.

So arriving at my starting point, I clicked on the 10k Total Workouts, that's at least 55 mins of music; started endomondo, fired up the garmin, donned the runners sunnies, tightened the runners earbuds (I never realised that I had accumulated so much gear); and now it was time to find out just how much I have forgotten...

It turns out that I haven't forgotten all that much really - I remembered to ignore the usual niggles during the first 1.5k - I remembered to breathe deeply and I remembered not to set off like a demented chicken - a nice and easy 7mins/km.

But come on, I'm not doing this to break speed records any longer, it's all about distance & duration. So the outleg took 25 mins, then a 3 min mid run walk (including the now compulsory arm stretch & hand wave & shoulder rolls thanks to JuicyJu's mid run dance for the inspiration) then turn around and the inleg took only slightly less - 24:50..

Now in my book that means I can run for 50 mins, next step is hitting the full hour, but until then I'm feeling pretty pleased with my little self!

Happy Running all

(oh and just previewed the Tags ... this has got to get some award for the most tags in one post!!)

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We're going to have to initiate tag bingo, N'ICE is going to have to go on each sheet. I do like the demented warm up though!

Glad you enjoyed your run, the full hour on Saturday? Or an extra day's rest?


Wow!! That's great going...well done!

Ha I am loving the tags!! Imagining if we all read those before reading the post....!


ha ha thanks for the reference to my mid run dance...needs must I'd say, who cares who can see!!!...You have the right approach to focus on length and duration rather than speed, as I totally believe that is what it is all about..and remember its also all about control. HM next I'd say....good work!!!


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