Couch to 5K

All in all a good week

Still working away from home during the week. Not so bad this week thanks to the Bank Holiday.

Been running after work. So this week two 6k runs, a one mile swim and a park run this morning but could only manage 5k in 28 minutes. So next week I will do another park run and go for 26 minutes, so I will need to up my game and focus on speed.

Have a good weekend all.

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Thats fabuous....5k in 28 minutes is amazing!!! I have dreams of that, but my legs just say no. I love upping the game, thats what gives us our drive...go for it and well done on progress....


Today has been spent lazing after busting a gut doing (I hope it's official soon) 27.28 at Parkrun. Can you really knock 2mins off your time in a week? What is your 5k PB? Not that I'm competitive,or anything ......


That is a great time. I think I can do it, I will work on a faster pace for longer periods. I tend to do my park run by mixing the pace between slow 150 bpm and medium at 170 bpm. So the next one will have to be 170 all the way. As long as I warm up properly.


I haven't even discovered bpm yet......


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