Couch to 5K

Thanks to all!


I just completed the course this morning with my first Parkrun.

Many thanks to everyone for your positive and encouraging comments in the forum over the last 9 weeks.

To those just starting and feeling it a challenge I would just say, trust the programme. As a 52 year old bloke who really struggled in week 1 and has just done 5k in 29 minutes I can assure you that it really does work!

To those of you thinking about a Parkrun. Do it! It's great fun, very welcoming, and a real incentive with no pressure.


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That's a fantastic time, well done!!! I echo the sentiment re parkrun ...they are great. A wonderful community!!


Wow, what a fantastic time!

Congratulations & well done.


Really well done, great time.

I'm hoping to do my first parkrun next week for my graduation run, just not sure how I'll cope with the early Saturday morning!


fantastic time!! am just starting week 9 and I think I am one of the worlds slowest parkrunners - this weeks time was 43:27!! but enjoyed it all the same. I can't wait to wear my C25K graduate t-shirt!!


What a great time and congratulations!


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