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Just wanted to say thanks

I started C25k at the beginning of August 2013 and graduated in October 2013. When the clocks changed I set a personal challenge to keep running three times a week until the clocks changed back. I knew it would be hard to get out in the dark, the wet and the windy. Well, I have done it. With the help of RFC's challenges in December, The Jantastic NHS C25k team and also parkrun. Some weeks I have completed more than 3 runs but I only had one bad week back in Feb where I managed only one run.

I haven't been around here much but know how much support I got from you folks that I wanted to say thank you!

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Wow, well done, you must feel so much fitter going into the better weather.


Loving the long evenings already and it is only Monday!


Hey Deb54, what a lovely post! As you know we started C25k together and I just want to echo your sentiments. The people on this site are absolutely fantastic and RfC's quests and Jantastic have really kept me motivated to keep going too.

I am looking forward to RfC's new quest starting on the 1st of April and the 5x50 challenge, I realise I need a bit more than my own determination at times. To anyone losing motivation or a bit worried about losing motivation then take a look at RfC's pinned post to the right and sign up.

Finally, I want to say a wee personal thanks to you, while completing the c25k programme you were one of a number of people who helped keep me engaged and enthusiastic the whole way through. Thanks!


I ran my w1r1 route as a speed session with Laura and I realised how much confidence I now had in my running. Those first few weeks of worrying about how I looked, sounded, whether I was doing it right! Woohoo! We are runners now!

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That is a fantastic achievement and no easy challenge. A big high five from me... Well done!!!


*high five*


Know how you feel. I'm jolly grateful too for all the folk here. They've kept me going through the rough times (injury) & helped me back out there.


Yep, all those tips help you keep going.


Brilliant post about the positive effects of c25k Deb. :-) Hope you have a great summer of running. x


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