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Running in the Rain in the Park

I enjoyed my run around the park so much on Tuesday I couldn't wait to do it again.

It's been showery all day here, and when I got to the park it was raining quite heavily. I was delighted to discover the park was completely deserted so I didn't need to worry about anyone seeing my wobbly, sweaty form plodding around the paths.

I'd managed about 20 minutes on Tuesday, and thought I'd aim for that. Well, I managed a full 30 minutes! I was delighted as it shows that my treadmill training has translated well to running outdoors, and that I could cope with the different gradients and cambers and weather conditions that you obviously don't experience with treadmill running.

I was, as usual, very slow - but I was always comfortable & in control. After about ten minutes the rain stopped, and I finished my run in bright sunshine. I actually loved running in the rain, and it kept me nice & cool.

I'm feeling very satisfied with myself this evening, and am now enjoying a lovely glass of wine.

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Ran in a thunderstorm in the Swiss Alps when I was away, absolutely loved it. Got some funny looks running through the rain in Serbia :-)


I was running in a light sea mist yesterday. Definitely to be recommended! Very cooling :) Also meant beach was deserted (save the loan fisherman) so I was spared the uncomfortable feeling of people observing my not-so-athletic form bouncing along...


I think running in the rain brings out the childlike actions in most of us, once my feet are wet I love nothing better than to jump in the puddles ;)

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