Couch to 5K


Yes sirrreee my hootin' tootin' fellow runnerdickio's!

My groin appears to have settled down and I'm planning a run tomorrow. It's been a week since the pull so I'm gonna go slow and easy. Not going to attempt the SPEED 5K+ thing just yet (under orders from Mrs Dan) but AM going to see how I go with a jog/run. My plan is to try my usual 5K route, but if I get any twinges, then I'm going to stop!

Wish me luck and Godspeed. I really need to do some exercise, as today was spent wine tasting in London followed by the most superb lunch (with wine too?!!) which was laden with calorific values that were OFF THE SCALE! I think it was the chocolate fondant with pistachio ice cream that tipped the balance.......but I couldn't resist!

Anyway, I shall report back.

Until then.

Your loyal servant......Sir Dan of Zargoshire.

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Great to hear you sounding so positive and that you're ready to try running again after your injury, will keep my fingers crossed for you. Is it possible to get membership to this fan club?!


Membership is easy. Just send £50,000 in cash and leave at a telephone box box of your choice. I'll pick up the dosh and your membership card will follow in due course....maybe...perhaps....sort of hopefully?



blimey, that sounds like a foodandwinetastic day...and yes slow and easy sounds sensible. Just no knocking old ladies over. I think you will feel good. I am sooo tempted to get up early and get out there but I'm on call at 8 and I know its going to be a hard one.....anyway good luck and happy groins :)


Don't expect you could do fast even if the groin let you after all that food and wine ;) Good luck Dan the Man :)


Good to hear it Dan, my man. Take it easy. I am taking a couple of days off after a heel pain in the middle of the night which I am reading as a warning. No more long strides down the lane for me. Back to fairy steps round the field to keep the dreaded plantar fasciitis at bay.

Burn some calories for me. Good luck.


Cheers dude. Nothing wrong with fairy steps! Hahaha!


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