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Owwwwwwwww!!!! Did you hear my screams?

I have just got off the physio's portable table, where for the past hour my right lower leg was put through the most torturous regime it's ever experienced. Mrs Dan loved every minute of my agonising yells and screams and sat chatting to Mr Physio about muscles and joints etc during the torture session. At one stage I was asked,

"Can you rate the pain on a one to ten scale Dan?" he said

"TEN!" I yelled

"That's the equivalent to seven on a normal person" said Mrs Dan! It's true....I am a bit of a wuss when it comes to pain.

I had a very interesting discussion with him about what my routine is when I go for a run, as he was keen to find out why my calves were giving me so much grief. I told him I ran in the mornings. "What do you eat before going out?" - "Small bowl of porridge" I replied and he looked at me with a knowing look. "That could be the route of your problem".... this is the theory....

He explained that as I ate only 20 min before going out, oats being a slow release foodstuff meant that all the blood and instructions to my body were to go and digest the food in my stomach, thereby denying my legs the benefit of good blood flow. He suggested trying a "power juice" before going out and seeing as I'm now the proud owner of a juicer I was instructed to juice a third of a cucumber, two sticks of celery and a lemon and swallow a spoon of honey with it before going out. This would give my body enough fuel to cope with my run and distribute blood and oxygen to my legs where it was needed.

"AAaaaghhhhhhhh!!!!!" I yelled, as he found the most painful knot in a muscle in my leg. "Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeez!" It was getting hard to chat.

I've been told to rest up for two days to give my newly massaged calf a chance to recover from the torture and then go out and run. I'll try this, as well as the new power juice and see what happens. Keep your fingers crossed for me. Mrs Dan has bought me some new snazzy running gear which has had to lie fallow for the past week, so I'm looking forward to stepping out in my fluorescent yellow Karrimor long sleeved top and light grey jogging bottoms!

Tally ho!

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Juicing? You'll look like Madonna in no time! ;-) Good luck with the leg. Report back on how you felt running on a third of a cucumber!


Thanks Jen. I have to say that I've a far nicer body than Madonna's!! hahahaha! I wonder whether she's discovered the magic of the cucumber? Probably.....knowing her....


Mr Dan! Haha! : )


Let us know how you get on with the power juice Dan - Hope your legs feel better soon!


I was wondering how you got on...all positive stuff then, and running is definitely better on an empty tummy...but that power juice sounds revolting, there are far better things to do with celery and cucumber rather than pulverise them!!!!! Good luck with that and get out there and get noticed.. Which in that gear you most definitely will!!!


Interesting! Let us know how you get on :D


Celery, cucumber, lemon and honey - is this the worlds first Druid physio ? I think I'd be tempted to show him what he can do with them. Porridge is fine but you'll need to eat 2-3 hours before the run. Worked well for me anyway. Hope the legs survived and the physio's securely locked away at Stonehenge. Good luck with the next run.


Stick to bananas, Dan, and try eating them.


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