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Rivalry with myself

Hello fellow runners

For some unGodly reason this morning I awoke at Sparrow O'Clock (5.25am) and couldn't get back to sleep. I had planned to do a run before work, but this was ridiculous!

Anyway, I set off hoping my calf muscle wouldn't tighten up. It didn't. It was as good as gold and didn't give me any trouble at all. Thank GOD!

It was quite magical running along the Thames path at that time of the morning. I only saw one other person - another runner! I waved hello to him and gave him a huge smile. He completely ignored me. The swine.

Anyway, with my playlist thumping out kickin' choons, I was running like a gazelle and clocked my best ever single KM in 5'15sec. I have a love hate relationship with ENDOMONDO because although I love knowing my stats, it doesn't half make me compete too much with myself and leave me completely knackered! I set off thinking "this is going to be a relaxed run and I'm not gonna bother about timings" - and then once I hear the announcement "Wow Dan, you're really amazing!" (it doesn;t say that really, it's just when I get news of a fast stat, I get excited!) I end up competing against myself to achieve the fastest time ever!

Talk about the Murray / Jokovic rivalry - I'm my own worst enemy, sneering at myself saying "You'll never beat your PB over 5K!" and then I say to my alter ego "Oh yes I bloody will, you twonk!". CUE legs going faster and breathing getting desperately heavier!

And today is proof of that personal rivalry as I completed the 5K distance in 27'28sec - which is a whole minute and14secs OFF my previous best.

I am one smug git today I can tell you........sorry about that!


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I am exactly the same. I have been using the Nike+ running app and always try and beat my 1km (4min 18secs), 1mile (7min 12secs) and 5km (25min 30secs) times. It is a very good way to keep yourself motivated after graduation.


A minute and 14 faster? WOW! Sounds like you've found the right time to run. So from now on, it'll be sparrow o'clock EVERY morning. Despite the twonk! :)


Love your use of English! From Shakespearian "swine" to "kickin' choons" your language rocks!

Keep on running, Delia :-)


Why thank you fair maid. Ones language tis but a mere trifle!


Running in the morning is truly the best time to run. After a cracking performance like that you need the whole day to bathe in your own smugness. Not only that everyone at work just can't wait to hear how well you have done.

Good run, and good blog (as ususal).


Thanks Nerdio. Smugness lasted a few hours, then I thought I ought to stop preening.....after all, I've got another run tomorrow!


Must have been the twonk that put more tiger in your tank this morning Dan, love it. Well done it works for you so don't stop and do keep on blogging, your tales are worthy of a literary award. :)


Merci Oldgirl. I am charmed by your most kind words.


perfecto well done you, and why is it no one ever smiles?. I am going to make them even if it kills me ( or them)


I know! I might say something next time....


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