I'm such a slob. I lay in AGAIN until 10am this morning and coming from a family who are definitely "morning people" I felt incredibly guilty about this. I remember as a kid, growing up on a farm in Ireland and my dear departed Dad stomping energetically around the kitchen at 5.30am, just prior to going out to get the cows in for milking, and passing me a cup of luke warm strong tea and saying "Bejaysus son, if you're a real man you'll have a days work done be ten o'clock in da mornin'!" (strong Irish accent needed there.....)

Anyway, having apologised to Dad (who had most likely already done some maintenance work on the Pearly Gates, done Gods laundry and was busy mowing Heavens massive lawn) I got up and pulled on the Super Dan costume. Popped downstairs to make a glass of sludge in the juicer, then suddenly remembered Mrs Dan had used it two days ago and the bloody thing had shattered! So, no juicer. What to do? Being a resourceful kind of chap, I zapped some strawberries and blueberries in the blender with some oats and almond milk and swallowed the said "shake", before yelling to Mrs Dan "I'm off now squishy boobs!" - "Stop calling me that!" came the terse reply.....

My shins were sore. I can't deny it. I was worried last night about todays run and decided to put an ice pack on them as I watched telly to try and prepare them for today. After my 5 minute walk I started....."I'm only doing 5K today" I decided. "Not really feeling like anything longer" - I agreed with myself that this was probably a good idea.

Right shin buzzing and left calf zinging, I carried on. The discomfort wasn't too bad otherwise I would have jettisoned the run and walked home, so I kept going. Legs felt heavy today and I found the entire run a big struggle. Only two days ago I'd powered to a victorious 8K finish in 49 minutes but today both legs weren't playing ball.

The run was lovely and sunny and the Thames path was gorgeous. I love listening to running water when I'm out on a run. There's something quite relaxing about it. I was travelling at a fair pace, by no means fast, but a fair enough one for my current state of legs and demeanour. "Pick your legs up you klutz!" I admonished myself. "Yes sir!" I replied, so I tried to pick my legs up a bit and imagine my legs were kind of cycling in a round type motion. "Ohhh bol****s to this!" I said after two minutes. It was knackering. So I resorted to my Super Dan Shuffle/jog thang and kept going.

I reached the 5K marker (which turned out to be 5.5K cos I'd screwed up my route measurements!) and I walked home for the 5 minute cool down. Mrs Dan was out in the garden with her kettle bell, looking like she meant business. "How did it go then?" she asked. "Ugh. Hurumph.....bleuughhh!" I replied. "Well how long did it take you, you stupid ninny?" -

Imagine my surprise when I checked my stats to find out I'd done it in 28'44. "That can't be right?" I thought. "I was kerplunking along like a pregnant hippopotamus with chapped lips". But there were the stats, right in front of me. I felt damned pleased I can tell you. I immediately stuck the ice pack on my shin for 15 minutes and hoped I hadn't done any damage. It was sore, but not too sore, so the ice would hopefully calm the mutha down.

After my jacuzzi I weighed myself (I've been trying to lose excess middle aged spread poundage) and I whooped with delight as I discovered I'd hit my target weight of 12 stone 7lbs. Exactly a stone lighter than 7 weeks ago! Go MEEEEE!!

So maybe I might see if I can get to 12 stone and then leave it there. It's a safe weight for a 50 year old bloke who doesn't smoke (do like the old vino though....ssshhhh!!)

Until we meet again on this oh so friendly forum we forum!!



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28 Replies

  • Great tags and sounds like a great run even if it didn't feel like it.

    Just 7 more before you hit the century then :)

  • The tags make it for me!

  • Brill post as always - you are so good at this running lark now that even on an off day you are super speedy! Happy running

  • Thanks Hules. Appreciate that.

  • Goin ta call ya Super Dan from now on, well done :)

  • I'm gonna have to start wearing underpants on the outside aren't i?!!

  • Fantastic time dan !!!

  • Thanks Rockette

  • Great time Dan and impressive weight loss

  • **Takes a bow**!!

  • I love your posts! Wonderful imagery! Oldgirl is right, we should call you Super Dan! Go and have a quick glass of wine - just the one of course. Congratulations on the weight loss - very well done there!

  • Thank you Beek. Fear not, I only had one glass of the vino...... (and a cheeky G&T...just to loosen the pipes you understand....)

  • Fantastic!

  • Hurrah!

  • Sounds like a good run and the weight loss is a bonus!!! I haven't weighed in for a week as have been on hols but think my middle aged spread shrinking too! Hope your are treating yourself to a nice glass of wine as mentioned to start the weekend off right! Sounds like Super Dan will def be your new name on the forum!!! Could be worse!!

  • ALiboo - thank you

  • That's got to be your best post, Dan. I loved it. Now that you are filling out your "roots" for us, we get a fuller picture of the danzargo that we love. (You know what I mean). If you compiled your posts from the last couple of months, they would be wonderful inspiration for those recovering from injury, as you go from strength to strength. So, newcomers, click on danzargo's handsome avatar (it's his picture) and catch up on the journey from hobbling cat lover to Super Dan. It makes for great reading.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Cheers IDT, that's very kind of you to say. "From hobbling cat lover......" - I like that tag line!

  • I tried to do that cycling motion that Laura tells us to do but I can't do it. My legs just feel like lead a few seconds after, and it's back to the weary trudge.

    Well done on losing the weight!!!!!!

  • Exactly! Isn't it hard to do? Raise a glass to the Weary Drudge Brigade!

  • Dan, I thought of you today as I was running. A gentleman of a certain age ( I reckon mid 60's) was running towards me wearing indecently tight tights, crown jewels on show for all to see. I tried to avert my eyes, but to no avail! Made me smile though. We ladies only have to worry about anchoring our bustage down, a task made much easier by wearing robust undergarments!

    Happy running - you'll soon get to that 10k!


  • WHAT A GUY he must have been! I now throw caution to the wind and don't give a damn. "Wherever thy be, let thy jewels swing free, for giving a damn'd be the death of me!"

  • :-)

  • Loved your post - well done! :) x

  • Merci beaucoup

  • Fabulous Dan, great time, and great weightloss...its a great feeling isn't it, although I don't suppose you will be going for the 'tight skirts and delicious underwear' look? Perhaps an even tighter pair of 'Bowie-esque' running tights? Delicious blog as the bit about your dad...!!!

  • Lovely blog as ever (bless your dear dad), thanks for cheering us up with your adventures and congrats on an expectedly brill time. :-) Edit That should be Unexpectedly, or perhaps not?

  • Day-Z - that is a fantastic time - so well done. And the weight loss double well done!! Due to sore legs I was doing the 'zulu' shuffle on my long run today and managed a better time and I thought I was running dreadfully slowly. I think we do need to give out legs a break sometimes and v sensible to take on a 5k after the 8k in the week.

    Catch you on the

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