Stuck on Week 8

I am so rubbish at finishing weeks! I still haven't managed Week 8 Run 3. :( On Wednesday I did actually run the 28mins, but was so absolutely exhausted that I stopped briefly during the cool down walk. I carried on feeling shattered all the rest of Wed and didn't feel great on Thurs either. As I couldn't really afford to lose another day just lazing around recovering and feeling sickv, I took it easy today and gave up after only 15mins of running. Although I felt very ready to stop so early on, I didn't actually have any pain today and feel fine now.

I am a bit embarrassed that I was so short of my 28min target, but I figure that completing C25K is not a race and if it takes me a bit longer to finish each week then so be it. All being well I will try the 28mins again next week but if I need a few more shorter runs first then I will go with the flow!

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  • Sounds sensible, going with the flow. Don't beat yourself up about it, you ran for 15 minutes which is better than just a few short weeks ago!

  • Don't rubbish yourself ! Sounds to me like you were maybe a bit ' below par' on Wednesday and Thursday,also if you're like me and hate running when it's too warm ,that can really take its toll.

    I got caught out yesterday morning on my W8R3 when it turned out to be really humid ,after several lovely cool runs over the last ten days or so in almost autumnal conditions, I found it much harder going.

    Try again next week and good luck :)

  • These longer runs can really sap your energy so feeling really drained on your 3rd run is quite understandable. Your right in that this isn't a race so just step back and look and how much you have achieved so far. You're doing really well so have a good rest before your next run.

  • I repeated week 7 three times as I just could not do it ! But then it all just fell all in to place so dont feel bad about repeating runs it will only make you a better runner good luck your nearly there x kate x

  • Big-momma, are you maybe going too fast? I only just completed w8r3 but felt like I was going to have a heart attack in the last 3 minutes, literally. I decided after that to go back to heart-rate training and run in my aerobic zone for w9r1. I ran quite a lot slower but it was so much better! I actually enjoyed myself.

    I am now going to graduate and continue with heart-rate training from here on out. I had a rave about it on the forum on Thursday night because it truly was a shock to find out that running didn't have to be so hard.

  • You're definitely right that it's not a race and to take things a bit slower if you're finding it hard. Have you thought about giving yourself an extra day in between your run days? I found towards the end of my couch to 5K that sometimes if I was really tired and struggling I'd have two days of rest before the next run and found it really helped. Also if you've been under the weather you won't have the same energy to run. Good luck for when you try again, I'm sure you'll do it, just remember to keep slow and steady.

  • Like so many people keep saying here, it's 15 minutes you could've been spending on the sofa. Keep it up, those ahead of me are my inspiration, I've been following your posts as you go through and your determination is amazing. Well done!!

  • Thank you very much for all the encouragement! I took it very slowly and eventually I did it! Week 9 seemed to go more smoothly and on Monday I got my badge! Good luck to everyone approaching the end of the programme. You can do it, just countdown the last runs to your badge! :)

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