WK3 R3 tonight. Legs feel 'heavier' on evening runs; do most people run in the mornings?

So far I think I actually prefer morning runs but can't always manage to find the time before work (the kids need their breakfast and the hubby won't get out of bed!). Do people generally prefer to run at a certain time of day? And do people find their legs feel a bit 'heavier' during their run later on in the day, or is that just me?!

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  • Morning every time for me. I tried running in the evening once, and felt dreadful. I manage to fit this in the morning by getting up slightly earlier on days when I work at home. I am lucky I guess in that my wife, who also works part-time, does the morning shift with our son, so by the time I get back everything is in full-swing. You do need a bit of partner support, as with any hobby/past-time.

    Today though will be a new experience as I am off in about an hour. I should have run this morning, but with my sleep last night broken for 2 hours with a call for work (I cover shifts for 24 hour support), I was not in great shape at 06:30. I have had my usual breakfast, and just topped up with a banana, and feel really good to go.

    Keep it up.

  • My BF & I used to go to the gym three times a week. We would arrive at around 8pm, exercise for 30 or 45 mins then get home again at about 9.30 / 10pm. On many occasions it would be a real struggle to get up the gumption & go, especially in the winter & after a long day at work (my BF works 7am to 6pm). We did go a few times early on a Sat or Sun morning because of missed sessions etc & I would laugh at the others there & say "phew! I can't believe people get up early to exercise - how sad!".

    Fast forward a year & we have bought ourselves our very own treadmill (we don't run outside at all).The main reason being cost, over £400 each for membership, add to that petrol & the TIME that was wasted going to the gym & coming back again. Now my BF runs when he gets home at about 7pm and I run first thing in the morning - something I never thought I'd ever do! I get up at at 6.30 / 6.45 and run for 20 or 30 mins (I'm doing the 30 Day Shred DVD too).

    Now that I'm used to the routine, I find that running first thing is SO much better than in the evening. It's all over & done with ASAP & I'm not thinking about the impending "slog" all day. I feel so much more awake & alert throughout the day & as I walk to work, my legs get a good stretch after the run (I found going to bed after an evening gym visit left my legs a bit grumpy!). Sorry this is a bit long winded but I thought I'd share my experience. If you read blogs from people who run outside, many of them love being up early - it sounds lovely!

  • I am currently on week 4 run 2, and I run every night after work at 5:30pm. This is the norm for me so I dont really know any different - however for the first time last night my legs felt extremely heavy! This mightve been to do with the warm weather but I really wasnt liking it! I may try a run in the morning on my next one - its just sooooooo hard getting out of my warm bed!! :)

  • I've only ever run in the morning. Wake at 6.30 have coffee and a banana then run at 7. 30. I don't know whether I will run so early in the winter though

  • I find it a complete dilemma. I'm a morning person but don't relax enough to run before work so I usually end up running in the evening. It works ok but trying to fit the run in 2 hours before bed & at least an hour after eating is difficult.

  • Thanks all, it's interesting to hear different viewpoints on this. I think I'm now leaning towards only doing morning runs, although this means I have two rest days in a row each week (due to how it syncs with my working days and looking after the kids). Jana83, I totally understand that feeling of going to bed with 'active' legs, whereas exercising at the start of the day gives them the whole day to stretch out and recover a bit.

    Sarahb_20, I'd be interested to hear if you find a difference once you've done a morning run. I find in the evenings I'm more inclined to get a stitch (although I leave it at least an hour after having dinner) whereas in the mornings I'm running on empty and feel a bit brighter in a way.

  • I actually read somewhere that 2 days rest after the 3rd run is very beneficial. I just like the convenience of getting up running and then my shower to set up my day. However I'm retired now so don't have too much child minding except for helping with getting grandchildren to school around 8.30.

  • I have to be in the car to drive to work by 7.15am or out the door by 6.40am if I'm getting the train so there really isn't time to do a morning run!! I'd have to get up at 5am which is clearly never going to happen. I love my evening run, it gives me a chance to shake a bit of life into my legs after sitting at a desk for most of the day.

    I've always felt sluggish during the exercise when I've tried it first thing in the morning, and I got a really overwhelming urge to sleep at my desk by about 11am!

  • Yes, I must admit, I have only done morning runs on my non-office days so I think I'd be slumping at my desk by 11am too!! I think we should be allowed access to a treadmill in the office - I saw a new prototype (on one of those gadget shows) for one which was attached to a desk and keyboard so you can leisurely jog whilst you type...

    Thanks Mazzero, that makes me feel better about leaving it a bit longer; although I'm itching to get out there again!

  • I love love love running in the evenings - I have so much more energy at 8pm/9pm at night that any other time of the day. Unfortunately all the organised runs seem to be in the morning time, so if I do park run etc., I never feel at my best. I guess it's a case of different strokes for different folks.

  • I tend to run in the evenings due to work, a child and the husband leaving for work at 6.30am-7am, and enjoy it. I always run before dinner, as I like to run on almost empty - I have run in the morning on occasions, and enjoy it just as much, but it doesn't really fit in with my routine during the week, I run in the mornings at the weekend if I do, but am currently in a habit of running Monday, Wednesday and Friday with two days rest over the weekend (good to hear that's supposed to be a good thing!) _ I don't run more then three times a week, so this fits in nicely.

  • During the working week it's mostly late evenings so I'm not sure how that will work during the winter.

    I'm contemplating a run at lunchtime as we have showers at work but prefer the countryside so may go for strapping candles to my kit instead.

    I was joking about the candles bit by the way. That would be ridiculous.

  • I misread that & thought you were going to strap candles to your kilt. Now I knew the candles were a joke but just for a minute I had the running in a kilt image in my head.

  • I have a strong preference for mornings but ran my fastest ever in the evening. Not sure what conclusion you can draw from that. Fairly soon though the decision will be taken out of my hands because it'll be too dark to run at night.

  • it's never too dark to run at night - just get the reflective clothing and head torch out!

  • Ah yes; have given myself a slapping for wimping out!

  • I have done both morning and evening. Mornings, especially in the warm weather we have been having, are lovely and refreshingly cooler than an evening run. but as others have said, it is sometimes nice to end the day with a run. I will continue to do a bit of both I think, dependent on circumstances. The only thing about leaving it to later in the day, is after a hard day at work, it is easier to put it off until the next day, which isn't always a good thing :) x

  • I have done both morning and evening runs. I definitely seem to manage to go a bit faster in the morning as my legs feel a bit fresher. However, I am not a morning person at all so I nearly always run after work. Although I usually feel a bit more tired at the beginning of an evening run, I somehow have more energy again when the run is finished and I have had my shower. Also helps destress if I have had one of those annoying days where nothing has gone to plan!

    Not sure what I am going to do once it gets darker in the evening. I only get home about 7pm, my favourite route is through the park and I run solo so not an option in the dark on my own. Have to find some new routes I guess!

  • I'm up at 6:15, breakfast, drive to work, run, shower, change, work, Hobbit's second breakfast. I'm definately a morning runner, if I don't run in the morning I don't run. Saturdays are the same but with Norwich Park Run and an hour later.

  • So I've tried both and prefer my run at 6pm while my husband's getting our little one bathed and in to bed. Then I can come back, have a shower, relax and have dinner. Found I'm really energised for the evening and make the most of my toddler free time! Had to run at midday on Friday due to complex childcare - wasn't good - got really dehydrated and despite drinking loads had headache all day... My husband is a long time running fanatic and I can tell you the one thing I'm not going to do is copy him and set my alarm for a 3am run!! (Apparently it's very calming! :-S)

  • Thanks runsandknits, I might try a few more evenings runs as I do find sometimes after a morning run and a shower, I get tired (a nice sort of tired though, like I could really have a proper sleep!) so perhaps it would be a nice way to relax in the evening and then have a good sleep. I went for a silly o'clock run today (5.30am, and on a Sunday!!) as my husband wanted to go for an early round of golf. I think maybe I should have left it until tonight instead, as now I'm completely shattered!!

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