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Do you think it is easier to run early in the morning or in the evening?

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I completed W4R2 first thing this morning. I wasn't looking forward to it very much as I found W4R1 quite testing. However I was delighted to find todays run alot easier. The only difference I can see was that I did R1 in the evening. Do fellow runners tend to find the time of day they run to make a difference to their permformance or not?! What is the most popular time of day to run?

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In the mornings for me,by the time evening comes around I cannnot be bothered

I find running in the morning increases my positiveness throughout the day (not that I am a negative person) but it makes me feel Soooo good all day and I eat healthier. When I run in the evening and find it helps me put my working day into perspective. But going forward after I have finished the programme, I intend to try to run in the mornings all the time. I suspect personal choice will rule.

While its been so warm and muggy recently I have been running in the morning before work. Getting up at 0515 is a struggle but I feel great afterwards and it definitely sets me off buzzing for the day. But as Lane says, i find running after a hard day at work really helps me to destress and relaxes me ready for a good night's sleep. I suspect as we head into the cooler autumn weather I will run more after work again and do early mornings at the weekend if it's sunny.

No rules, whatever you feel like on the day :-)

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In the mornings for me too, I do shift work and find the mornings better, I find it more of a struggle when I run in the evenings. I''m on wk5 next week and am already thinking will I be able to complete it with the 20 minute run on the last day. Gotta be positive

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mornings. normally straight after the school run so that Ive had time to have breakfast & a cuppa. I get stitch if I run in the afternoon/early evening & also find that I need a wee if I run then (must be something to do with those 5 kids I had so close together) :)

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I prefer to run in the mornings, as my one or two evening runs have seemed much harder. I'm ready to be winding down at that time of day! Also, I'm a little afraid that if I don't go out early then I might not go at all. ;) On the positive, a good morning run really does set you up for the rest of the day, plus I'm quite happy to do lots of active things /after/ I've got my run in, which I would probably avoid before I'd done my day's run.

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I run in the evening, because I cannot face getting up before 6am :-) but when I run at the weekends, I run in the morning, and I always perform much better - I run faster and with less general exhaustion!

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I prefer to run as soon as I get up (after walking the dogs if OH is on early shift) Like Legion I find I can end up being much more active during the rest of the day and also after work I find it easier to put it off!

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Morning, I just like the feeling of setting the day up, but also it can be too warm or muggy latter in the day, might change come Autumn / Winter

i think it depends on you - its very individual. I generally prefer the mornings because it sets you up for the day and then you can spend the whole rest of the day feeling great that you have already done it and not thinking that you have to go out after working all day. But saying that I have just been working in my restaurant all day and have come home at 5pm to run and it has gone great too.

Enough rambling!! Personal choice I would say!!!!

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Love a morning run. have not run ever in the evening. Currently no runs at all due to ankle injury.

It depends whether you are a morning person or not. I prefer to run in the morning but it would mean getting up at 5am so I end up running in the evening.

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I vary the time I run just to fit in around life, childcare and what we're doing. I prefer first thing in the morning to get it out the way, come home, have a shower and have the rest of the day free but I've found that, although this is most convenient, I really don't perform at my best first thing.

My best runs have been in the evening.

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I started doing the runs in the evenings, but they made me a bit hyper (me, hyper??) and I couldn't switch off. So now I usually go in the mornings, then I can spend the rest of the day feeling virtuous. Like Legion, I find that it energises me for the day ahead, whereas if I had to run later I'd be conserving energy for it all day. I love the early morning peace and freshness too.

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i've been getting up at 5.30 to get it in before work!! and there's no-one around which until i get more confident suits me

I think it varies from person to person AND may vary depending on humidity, temperature and your level of fatigue an stress - all that said you know you will feel better after!

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