Couch to 5K

Don't laugh but....buzzing teeth?!

Ok this is probably a new one for you and I'm new to this game. Having completed run2 of wk 3 today (hurrah!).....struggled a bit but I noticed that when I'm running my teeth feel like they are buzzing! There is no other way to describe it 😂. It's like I've got a bumble bee in my gums.

Anyone get this? ....or should I get my coat 😂😜.

Really enjoying reading all your posts by the way, I do lurk quite a bit and take on board all the tips etc 😊

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Probably feeling the pulsations of your increased heartrate through your gums ... either that or you've swallowed an angry insect! ;-) Well done on the run by the way ... !


Hummmm not sure about that. I've never heard of buzzy gums, however when I had a tooth abscess many moons ago, any sort of exertion made my gums throb. If it carries on, maybe book in for a check up with your dentist. Having said that, we've probably got a dentist on the forum who can offer some advice. Good luck, hope it's something entirely trivial :)


Personal question....Do you have fillings...?

I only ask, because my dentist told me years ago that the cold can really affect some people's fillings.. I described it as tingling teeth, when I had been out in the cold.. ! Might be that...?

I wear a Buff and pull it up over my mouth loosely to protect against the cold, if it bothers you, maybe that would help:)

Well done on Week 3 too! Hurrah!


I've got a couple of fillings but not anything unusual. Been to dentist recently, nothing amiss. Aah well. It's just be one of those things 😄.


I get that sometimes too! I think it's just the result of breathing more than usual, so sucking more air in around my teeth. It doesn't hurt, just feels a bit like pins and needles.


When I run I get pain in my bottom teeth and gums. I also get an over production of saliva. I have had this effect since I was little.

No real buzzing though.


I think it's the cold


If someone has been successful in treating this, please pass along tx.  I have had this problem for over two years.  It is increasing in frequency and intensity.  Thoroughly checked out with my dentist and discussed with my pcp.   They have no idea what is causing this.  


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