Second run done :0)

Thanks for all the well wishes! I've just done my second run of week one. Very proud of my husband who did his first one yesterday and did well. We are going to do another 'week one' next week because we really are very unfit and overweight. The Labrador is enjoying his new running regime! I noticed a difference even between my first two runs - I recovered from the runs a lot quicker this evening. Hope everybody else is doing well! Claire x


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  • That's fantastic well done. It's great that your husband is taking on the challenge too. I am trying to encourage my husband also but it's not working.....yet.

    It's really encouraging to hear you felt a difference from run 1 and run 2, as I have just finished my first run. I'm tired but looking forward to my next one.

    Good luck to you both. Can't wait to hear about your progress x

  • Well done to all in their first week. I have just finished my second run of week 1 and it did feel easier, dare I say I even enjoyed it. For what it's worth I really concentrated on my running technique as per the C25K tips, and did stretches before and after. The first run was hell and that was only on Saturday so I think right technique does help.

  • I too wish I could persuade my husband to join me but sometimes the me time is good. I want it both ways.

  • Thanks! My husband was the one who suggested running...he said he could see how down I was about my post baby weight (I say baby, he's nearly two) so we take it in turns to go running while the other is at home with baby. He's realised that he needs to get in shape too though...he gave up smoking and drinking two years ago but is Since on blood pressure meds x 2 and beta blockers (at 32 yrs old!). He isn't really overweight so we're trying to sort him out. Great to have him doing it with me though. X

  • I started the programme in response to a little health scare involving high blood pressure. I can confirm that it is a good way to go about reversing it. I am still on beta blockers but my blood pressure has almost halved in four months (it's probably a bit low now) and I feel loads better. So stick with it and happy running to you both!


  • Well done to you both for getting out there. Just take it slow and steady and trust Laura I never thought we would get through wk 1 it seemed so hard to begin with but the plan works

  • It sounds like you are enjoying it, RokensWife, well done to you. Getting out the door to do week 1 is the hardest bit of all. My partner started the podcasts with me too. We set off together (our kids are old enough to stay home alone for half an hour) but he runs faster than me and always leaves me behind - not that I mind really, I like plodding along by myself.

    Keep us posted with how you get on and happy running.

  • Well done, it's good that you are doing this together. I was very unfit, 62 years old and very overweight, it took me a long time to complete the programme but it really is a brilliant feeling each time you feel able to move on. Take your time and listen to your body :)

  • Thanks Roundboundstone, we have agreed that if we really don't feel ready to move onto the next week, then we won't. We reasoned that repeating a week is better than no running at all! My husband is seeing the doctor tomorrow about something else but I've told him just to mention that he's started the C25K because of all his meds he's on. X

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