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Hot hot hot in sunny Spain -revisit Spain as a c25k graduate:-)

Hi all been away for a few weeks now- in hot lovely Spain. Missing this site -but due to erraticness of wifi access-and my sons nicking my technology not been able to get here to see how everyone is doing.

I am running-although due to heat and sleep inducing mountain air -not far. But still every other day. The biggest challenge getting up a mountain to find a flat route and then avoiding the yapping barking dogs. Discovered a 50 metre outdoor pool-so we have been thrashing up and down the pool to keep up fitness and burn off food and vino.

All very lovely-when we were here in April -I started c25k-and it makes me smile at how far I have come since then.

Will be back to normal routine (boo) on Monday -and I am looking to start b210k-my next challenge for the autumn.

Off to beach now-will consider a 500 metre fat burning swim -to earn paella:-)

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Sounds perfect, what a wonderful break, enjoy the paella!!


Thank you-heh heh -just eaten-now flaked on sun bed enjoying ice cream. Boys being very annoying wanting my attention whilst I snooze. Such a pleasure to be on beach and it is still beautifully warm. Two more days of bliss.....