Hot in Hel(sinki)

Hot in Hel(sinki)

Morning all! Aussie here reporting in from Helsinki today where I am here for work again. Have running gear, will travel is my motto so this morning at 6:30am (that's 4:30am for you UK folks) I set off on a GLORIOUS 6K run around the bay opposite my hotel in Central Helsinki... the sun was up (a bit warm already actually - nice and sweaty when I got back!)....

A lovely recovery run at 7:02min/km (42 minutes for the 6K) and keeping it nice and relaxed... lovely... Total mileage on this old boy this week? 18km and counting... interval work on Friday... yuck! :)

It is a BEAUTIFUL place to run... wide paths, mix of asphalt and trail and 2.1km around the bay so I did two anti-clockwise laps and one clockwise one... nice little hill in the middle too... perfect start to my day... now I'm showered and fed and the work day can begin!

Happy running folks! Have a great day and THANKS for all your kind comments on my "what a difference a year makes" post... it's been a life changing year alright!


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32 Replies

  • Looks like a lovely sunny day in Helsinki......great to be able to run in a different country.....good to mix it up and refresh the soul. Sounds like you had a great run this morning......hope you working day is as good as your running start.

  • Its already 23 degrees at 8am so its shaping up to be a good day. I have earned my beer this evening now... :)

  • Sounds like a lovely run Aussie. It's wonderful that we can take the running anywhere with us. Have a good day.

  • you look so happy! what a lovely place to run - enjoy the rest of your day

  • Just a lovely run.. the photo is post-run as well... Who would have thought I could smile AFTER a run!? :)

    Have a great day!

  • So jealous (as I sit behind my desk in Wigan!)

  • Oh wow how glamorous and what a great pic .. Good luck on the intervals... Just enjoy :)

  • Hi Aussie - I'm green with envy! I had cause to visit Hanko (small town down the coast from where you are) for work but my company chose December for my visit. Getting up early to shift 0.5m of snow off the car each day would not, had I been using it then, have been much of a spur to keep C25K going.

    You've obviously gone from strength to strength by using the programme as your springboard and now run on a completely different level! I'm kind of glad that I chose perhaps the nicest summer we've had in North Yorkshire for some time to kick-start my own :-).

    Technical question: do you follow a particular programme for your interval training?

  • Not particularly. This is actually going to be my first try at interval "running". I'm going to use a method that the lovely JuicyJu recommended... I'm going to go out for 20 minutes and go back to Laura... W1R1... when she says "run", I'll put the foot down as hard as I dare... when she says "walk" I'll go to "slow recovery jog mode".... That should be entertaining... :)

    The week after that will be "hills" where I'm going to tackle that fiend of an incline in Richmond Park and run up down it a few times (I'll aim for 5-6, but may only make it to 2!)... :) Not a long run, but short, sharp training runs to mix it up!

  • Thanks for that helpful reply Aussie. Smart way to reacquaint yourself with Laura too - haven't you had enough of her dodgy music choices by now? :-) Good luck with "that" hill...

  • Laura's music choices are quite interesting... ;)

    I may fire up MapMyRun - as I have the pro version I can have it tell me when to run/jog.... Or just have the Garmin "buzz me"...

    But I miss Laura sometimes... :)

  • I agree about Laura's choice of music - not my taste at all normally, but found it strangely comforting and motivating for running. What a great idea to go back to W1R1 and make double use of it for intervals. That's like the PEAR one I did the other evening: it was called Interval walk run climb. No music but clear instructions and the odd encouraging word. They've got a million podcasts to download for different goals and aims. Good luck with the intervals - I think I will follow your lead.

  • Sounds great. By preference, I am very much a morning runner - who'd have thought running was such a great way to start the day! Looks a great place to run. Lucky you! Well done - and have fun with the intervals (the Guardian do a free app that I use when I am feeling keen)

  • I used to HATE mornings... now I go to bed early to get up and run! I can't do evening runs (I've tried and I just don't enjoy them as much)...

    I'll check out that app - thanks!

  • Sounds great. By preference, I am very much a morning runner - who'd have thought running was such a great way to start the day! Looks a great place to run. Lucky you! Well done - and have fun with the intervals (the Guardian do a free app that I use when I am feeling keen)

  • Wow - great photo and looks and sounds lovely in Helsinki.

  • Yes, it sure has. You're a gadabout aren't you! Have a lovely day after your invigorating run

  • I'm fortunate enough to get to travel regularly for work. One of the things I love about this running lark is that I don't need to worry about gym memberships back home (that I couldn't use), the gyms in hotels or anything like that...

    I just check the weather, pack the trainers and some gear and I can run pretty much anywhere, any time... What a great thing!

    I've run in Finland, Las Vegas, London, Italy and Portugal...

  • My one and only treadmill run in the most amazing gym I've ever seen! The advantage was that I got to watch TV while running... both a couch potato AND a runner in one! :)

  • I don't know - I updated it and HU swallowed it... :)

    And I'm NOT happy about it... :)

    EDIT: Oh - there it is! Yay!

  • Sounds like you have a great job - what do you do?

  • If you ask my kids they'd say "I play with computers all day"... :)

  • Hmm. Yes. I guess my kids might say something like that too!

  • What a fab post Aussie, sounds like a great run too .

    Fab way to start the day for sure :-) xxx

  • Sounds great :-) Hope you are having a good day!

  • Sounds wonderful! A great way to start the day, and I'm sure it set you up for the day nicely.

  • What a lovely way to start the day - and Helsinki sounds like a great place - somewhere I've always wanted to go. Thanks for the inspirational report!

  • Hi Aussie, another great post m'dear. That sounds like such a lovely run. You're ticking off those miles nicely. The interval training sounds like pretty tough going but I bet you really reap the rewards ( if you can stick it out in the face of Laura's dodgy music. ;) )

    Happy Scandi-running :)

  • Gorgeous - you're pretty well travelled and the training seems to be going well. Always nice to explore somewhere new I think. Happy running!

  • Wow !... That's all...Wow...! Lucky you.

  • Sounds like you are really enjoying your running. Are you in Helsinki for long? There is the most fantastic band playing on Saturday and I wish I was in Helsinki to watch them!

  • Flew back into London tonight... I love Helsinki - I've been going there every few weeks for over 2 years now... that trail behind me has been run (in my early C25K days) at -14c... they gritted it at 5am and there were people out (like me) running it in the snow... amazing place... love it!

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