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I'm a c25k graduate :)

Yesterday for my last c25k run I treated (!!!?) myself to a run at Wandlebury, lovely woods but with a few inclines. Only running around 3.4 k in 30 minutes so next steps are to work on speed and run a 5k race in September.

Anyway I'm 40, had a baby 6 mths ago and am a size 22 (altho some how I have lost 50 lbs over the last year). My point is. .. If I can do it then anyone can.

as laura says: the pain and tiredness you feel when you are in the middle of it is nothing compared to the elation you feel when you have completed another step to the last week!

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Well congratulations on graduating! Sounds like a lovely run. You need to get your shiny badge, enjoy a cuppa and then start making plans for your running - there's a whole world out there waiting for you.


Well done you, great going. Good news you have a 5K to aim for next. Keep running !! and many congratulations.


Congratulations!! You must feel amazing!! The speed and distance will come later.. just enjoy the running for now.


Well done on graduating!

Sounds like you made your last run of c25k a good one. Good luck increasing your distance now. I hope to be following your footsteps very soon


Wow! Very impressive!

I'm a regular to Wandlebury too (usually walking with the family tho) Keep it up!


Well done! Doesn't it feel great!

Congratulations on you weight loss so far :)

Good luck with your 5km in September :)

Congratulations on completing


Well done Gina, you have done amazing and should be so proud of yourself , fab stuff ! :-) xxx


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