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I just came across this on a blog ( and thought it might make someone else laugh too, and maybe feel better about the part of themselves that says 'stop this silly idea'.

It came from 'Gibson's Daily Running Quotes', a facebook page of daily running quotes - well worth a look if you're after motivation or inspiration.

Have a good day. :)

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hehe! This is so true!

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Great, teehee, love it. Have a great day yourself too x Linda

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Thanks for sharing!

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How true, thanks for sharing xox d

@greenlegs, thanks for the mention :) (fitfor365)

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Haha like that one, :) does that mean our body is the referee then?

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greenlegsGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Maybe it does! I went out and ran a mile again this morning, and really quite enjoyed it. It was even a teeny bit faster than yesterday. :)

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Completely accurate!!

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How true this is! I hope you don't mind I have nicked it for my profile picture as inspiration.

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greenlegsGraduate in reply to Mfbee

Good idea! Not sure where it actually came from in the first place.

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Thanks made me smile x

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That's funny, and so true! Thanks for the giggle :)

Oh - so true. Reassuring to know we are all the same. Thanks. Linda

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Oh, I've just had an email from the 5x50 team about next year's challenge - it seems the tag-line is 'Fifty Days of Fit' (maybe it was this year too, and I didn't notice it). Anyway, I'm starting to train for it now, in a low-key sort of way, doing ten minutes a day - though more is ok. Perhaps by March 2014 I'll be able to cope with 30 minutes, or even 5ks!

If you want to know more: I presume the email went to everyone that took part last year, though it looks as though you can sign up now to get information about registering for next year - in January - so a while to go yet! They're hoping to make it even bigger next year. I wonder whether we'll still be able to make the biggest team?

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Thanks for sharing this. Definitely sums it up!

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