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Motivation post gradution

How do you all motivate yourselves to keep going post graduation? I can't seem to get out there! Also,in an attempt to get going I went for a running analysis with a physio - and it turns out I'm running all wrong! I have some exercises to do to sort this - but feel a bit blah about it! I would really like to get the 'flying when running' feeling - but am starting to think it's just not for me.

Any thoughts / suggestions gratefully received!

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Is that the same physio who told Paula Ratcliffe she was running all wrong? Seriously though, do what you need to do to ensure you are not injuring yourself but also remember we all run a little differently........

For me I run slooooow! But I enjoy it!

For motivation, I've found I needed a plan of action. Soon as I had written something down I felt so much better. I have also given myself a challenge of completing a 10k run before my March birthday.......which means I have a longer term plan too! And don't forget Parkrun!


One of the reasons I started the quests was I had just graduated and wanted to put my name to something else to keep me motivated. The new quest is pinned on the top of the pinned posts if you fancy a read and join.

I'm sure you will find your "feel like flying" moment. Maybe doing the exercises the physio will help you get there sooner. Try not to let the advice given by your physio taint your wonderful achievement, you have done so well to get to grauation you just need a find your feet as where you want your running to go. I am sure once you get an idea there will be no stopping you as you fly along.


Listen to the great advice... decide on your journey... did you feel you were running wrong > We all run in our won way, did it stop your journey to Graduation?

Try new things, intervals, Strides, C25K+ podcasts.. change your routes, alter your timings, run to silly music..maybe that is my style.. what is yours? Maybe, as Realfoodieclub says, take a look at the quests and the goals folk set, then think of your own..

As Emerson.. " Do not follow where the path may lead,go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail !"


The thought that at the end of June I "couldn't run" and can now do 3 or 4 miles still amazes me and makes me smile :-) , not wanting to lose my fitness and actually missing the running on rest days. Running with good music helps me relax(!) and takes my mind off the world.

Also the vaguest hope that sometime in the next few years I might actually manage a half marathon!

And I have found a virtual "family" on these forums :-) :-) :-)


I think back to my original motivation which was a partly a health warning wake up call but also that I knew I was unfit and felt lethargic. I know am happy with my weight, health and wellbeing now.

It can be useful as others say to change routes or have a target to do park runs etc. I also cycle and the running has increased my cycling speed. I regularly run between 5 and 6K. Recently been running 3K to work because of other life and time pressures. sometimes I cant manage 3 runs per week but usually do 2 at least. I enjoy running and cycling.

Doing shorter 3K runs gives me chance to practice "flying" at least compared to my 5K runs but adds a bit of variety and helps to increase my pace.

Sometimes I think I should be doing something else not running I have other important things to do. But I have found that the running and at least maintaining my fitness helps with all the other life issues and pressures. and from time to time as others relate on this site other life issues and pressures get in the way from time to time.

Even if you didn't feel like increasing your running it's well worth investing time in some other sport/exercise to improve your health and whatever goals you have set yourself.

I would like to join an "old gits" football team but I cannot really commit to regular fixtures and would not like to let the team down. At least running gives me the flexibility to run on my own or in future do the odd organised run.

It's worth taking advice form professionals and shouldn't ignore any warnings when you body tells you something is wrong and you need to seek medical advice. But you have come so far in getting to graduation I hope you will let us know how you get on in the future.


I entered a 5k so have no option because I dont want to be gasping/fainting/crying my way around it! Also I like how being this fit feels and the thought of loosing that and having to redo the program is enough to keep me at it. And my job is stressful so I use my running now for a stress management tool rather than chocolate lol. Hope you find your mojo and your running style x


Pick a new goal. Your original goal was to complete the programme, which you did. Now pick another - run 5k in 30 mins, bridge to 10k, run 3 times a week no matter what...the goal doesn't matter, but having one will motivate you to get out there and work towards it.

As to the flying feeling, I can tell you that I personally have never felt like I was flying. More like struggling for the first 20 mins after which something falls in place and it gets easier (but still never flying). I keep at it because I love the feeling AFTER the run, the accomplishment of having completed it despite the struggle and knowing that I can do it without quitting.

Good Luck!


If you don't enjoy running it's not gonna work

However, you can't start to fly yet as it's just too early. You have to build up gradually to getting the 'flying when running' feeling. Great when you finally achieve it mind you. Nowt quite like it !

You see all sorts of weird running styles when you start dipping your toe into the world of racing. Some folks clearly have physical issues and can't run in the text book Mo Farrah style, but they can run well and compete.

As you run more and more and get stronger some of your running wrinkles will get ironed out. Maybe all of them, who knows?

If you want to run you will get out there. If you don't you won't. I hope you will embrace the inner runner in you and get out there. I keep turning out to run as I find it's the best way of staying slim I can find, after years of being a fat unhealthy lump, so that's my motivation. It drives me to keep going. I can't envisage getting myself into such an unhealthy state ever again. We can all motivate ourselves to do things given the right reasons. Well I hope we can.

Good luck with whatever you decide


How are you getting on? Hope you're still running! Tess, me and my wife are 61. I graduated July 2015 & my wife about May this year and haven't looked back. Have you tried a Parkrun? That's motivating!

If you look up the Parkrun website all details are there of the different courses and can give an idea if they are hilly or not. I'm in the southeast, greater London area and have a choice of 3 Parkrun's that are local to me, one being mainly flat and the others have hills...which are mainly grass & trails and the flat one reverts to a full winter course, tarmac pathway, which is handy if I don't fancy messing about in the mud!😊

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