Running with Rainbows

Week 7 run 1 brought with it odd weather. Sunny with sudden heavy thundery showers. I was a little apprehensive about doing this run but off I went. (I wept a little with happiness when I completed my first 20min back in week 5 - a huge achievement for me).

I was feeling a little weary when Laura eventually said I was only half way and then I turned a corner and for some reason looked up for my well worn path and saw the most amazing rainbow before me, arching high across the grey skies. It was breathtaking. So on I jogged feeling privileged that I had seen this quite rare, natural phenomenon.

Then I went round another corner into the park and there was another bigger, bolder rainbow. Quite extraordinary. I felt really lifted, elated even and then I completed 25 whole minutes of jogging and felt rather good about it all. I know I'm a sentimental fool but so be it - Life is Great.

So thank you rainbow maker, thank you C25K!


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11 Replies

  • It's amazing the resources that can be conjured up when we need them and what better thing to do it than a rainbow. Perhaps you should use it as your totem for your running journey :)

  • I LOVE rainbows! Even though I know the science I still think there's something magical about them. Glad you enjoyed your run.

  • Me to. Science is fantastic - I'm quite the nerd really. Rays of light hitting the water droplets just at the right time at the right angle to refract beautiful dancing colour for us all to marvel at. Thinking all this through took my mind off the jogging!

    I think rainbows will be my running totem from now on.

  • SVR28! What a deliciously scrumptious blog. And there's nowt wrong with being a sentimentalist (is there such a word??) - I'm one too! Well done completing the 25 min stint. You are almost there. tacking on another 5 mins will be a piece of cake come graduation.


  • Smashing blog and run, I love rainbows too wish I had been running with you to see two within a short space of time and distance. Well done.

  • What a wonderful post! It's amazing isn't it? When I started this journey of running, getting fit that was my ultimate goal - I now realise its exactly experiences like yours that have the most positive effect on my well being as a whole. I'm still in week five, I've got the twenty minute run next and I know ill finish it physically which amazes me really - but it's how ill feel mentally that is the biggest gift that running gives me! Wow, I'm sounding like such a hippy!! :)

  • No your not sounding like a hippy, you sound like someone who has caught the running bug, its very contagious you know :) Good luck for your next run, you'll succeed with that positive attitude for sure.

  • I think you're right Oldgirl! Definitely caught the bug, and thanks for your encouragement :)

  • Yes, I hadn't expected the postive feelings I've got from doing the C25K either. I want to tell the whole world how wonderful it is. I still can't quite believe that I am shuffling along for 25min non-stop.

    And the most amazing thing is that every time I pull on my trainers I think "I'm never going to be able to do this podcast" and then I do! Really the best bit.

    Keep running.

  • Aah,that was a lovely read. Well done on completing the 25minutes and you wrote so beautifully it was like we were all there with you :)

    I'm with Fentaz on this one,it's how you feel in your head that's so amazing...bottle it and it would probably be illegal !

  • Brilliant read, thanks :D Another rainbowholic here and quite unashamedly sentimentalist too. ;) As you proceed past graduation and into the autumn, keep enough space in your head for further thrills and 'highs' ... to splash in puddles, to run past hedges which empty of butterflies as you pass, and of course that delicious smell of autumn leaves being burnt off, or simply hearing the crunch they make under your trainers .... Yep, it's definitely the mental/head buzzes which keeps our smiles continuing and the feet plodding onwards. Enjoy it all, life IS great :)

    Cheers, Linda x

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