Running is amazing

I had to go to a conference today, so was disappointed about missing out on a parkrun this morning. The conference was interesting, but I left it with a bit of a headache due to the concentrating and watching presentations on large screens. The headache got worse as I went home, and wouldn't shift, so I was contemplating taking some headache tablets, or going to bed early.

However, I had been planning to go for a run when I got home this evening and I remembered something someone had said on this forum about running making everything better, so I decided to go for a little run anyway and see how I felt.

I started extremely gently with a 5m slow walk followed by a 5m brisk walk, then did some random sprints, e.g. run as fast as I possibly can to the next lamp post / walk / run fast to next corner / walk ... These got me out of breath almost immediately, but also took away my headache, so I decided to do the Couch to 5K+ Speed podcast.

During those initial sprints and the fast bits in the Speed podcast I was actually running! I managed to lengthen my stride a little and pumped my arms and I got some speed up! Those runs were extremely short, but it proved to myself I can run faster than that snail pace I've been running at up until now, so I've got something to work with - lengthen the amount of time I can run at those speeds etc.

It's amazing - considering how rubbish I was feeling earlier - this was my best ever run!


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8 Replies

  • Brilliant! I always find the runs I go on when I don't feel like it are always my favourites! And that Speed+ podcast is a challenge for me too, I did it a couple of weeks ago and then ran on normally after it had finished to reach 5K, really knackering!

  • that's a brilliant post thank you for sharing

  • Wow. You've just described why I want to run.

  • That's great to read! I managed a spurt of 'proper' running yesterday at the end of my parkrun, and it me think that rather than increase distance at my current speed, my next aim would be to get faster/cover more ground etc - in other words, exactly what you have just said! I will look for that podcast, thank you!

    Glad it made you feel better too :)

  • What a great post! Thanks for this, you inspired me to get out and run today and boy do I feel better for it ☺️

  • Brilliant!!

  • I've also succeed with running away a headache. Running really is fantastic. I haven't tried the Couch to 5K+ Speed podcast, but I think I should soon. Sounds great.

  • me too! I never take painkillers so its good to have an alternative !

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