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Couch to 5K
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Hi everyone:)

Hi everyone, I just joined the community. I've been doing the couch to 5k this summer and just did my first run in week 8 yesterday. It was hard but I managed it and am very happy with it. When I first started I never would have imagined being able to jog for 28 minutes. The couch to 5 k plan has given me more confidence and I hope I will stick with running regularly when I've finished the program. It also has come as a surprise to me how much I enjoy this. I've been running outdoors all summer and I really really like it. I've never been the athletic type so this is a new and exciting experince for me. Sorry for the pic, it's just I don't know how to remove it from the post.

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Hi and welcome to this community. Well done for getting this far especially without support from this forum. It's good to hear about the benefits you've gained from doing the programme. I will be starting Wk8 tomorrow and just hope I can do the extra 3 mins because I've been so relieved when Laura flags up the end of my 25 min stint. Good luck for your future runs


Thanks:) Best of luck with your run tomorrow. I found the last minute very hard and I was very relived when it was over.


Good to meet you ! This is a great place for support and inspiration.I,too,found I really like running outdoors and love the buzz and boost it gives ,which seems to last right through the day after a morning run.I started W6 this morning,feel I'm into the serious stuff now.

You're not too far from graduation now,so good luck with the rest of your runs.

Nice cat,btw :)


Thanks and nice to meet you to:) Yes, weeks 5 and 6 are a real turning point and it takes some getting used to doing all runs and no walking from week 7. Best of luck with your runs:)


I did my first week 8 run this morning too, I am amazed they I can do it. I struggled with running a minute and ached like billio the first week, but hasn't it been worth it!


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