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hi - a newbie

Hi everyone, after numerous diets over 9 years where with all of them I've put the weight back on, I've decided to give this a go - so doing a 1400 calorie diet and also the couch to 5k. I've never done any running before and feel too self conscious to do it outside so I've decided to start by using a treadmill. has anyone else done this and is it as good as running outside?

Thank you - I look forward to joining in the discussions :)


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1400 sounds good if you can stick to it. I found the 5:2 500 cals too few - I was just too hungry in the night of fast days! Veggies are your friend - soup fills you up for AGES also veg smoothies. Super easy to prepare, freeze soup in batches .... all you need is a good liquidizer. My nemeses are bread (all kinds) and choc homewheat ... what are yours?

Fiona Phillips did a good programme last week on how much sugar is in ordinary foods. This week is hidden calories. Not rocket science, but interesting viewing and reminded me where I can be caught out. Biggest surprise was 3 teaspoons of sugar in a bowl of bran flakes. And I thought I was being good! Hey ho.

The C25K will be the best thing you ever did. You are wise to diet too, as running alone will not make you lose weight unless you run vast distances.

Good luck!


Thank you for this - the soups sound a great idea, I'll go shopping this evening for sure, as my main concern is not to feel hungry. Thankfully I don't eat museli or other cereals but chocolate is my weakness, so it's that I'll miss the most. Oh well, no pain no gain as they say! I'll de doing my first run later on today and will post about how it went :)

Thanks again!



I watched the BBC 'what is the right diet for you' programme last month (I promise I'm not watching tv all day every day!) and they did an experiment with a group eating soup vs a group eating carbs, and the soup kept them fuller for longer. I tried my own experiments as I am a big soup-a-holic (used to go to Weightwatchers so have loads of no and low point recipes) and it really DOES work. Doesn't stop you craving choc though ....


Running outside is the bees knees and running on a dreadmill must be ghastly. I can't imagine the horror of it but lots on here do it. Running doesn't need a machine though. I just don't get it personally

I hid myself away on my first few runs. Running on our local country park, to which I would drive, and then run once I'd done the brisk warm-up walk. Once you get into the hang of it and are enjoying it, you don't really give a stuff who sees you. Nike Filament running pants are quite thick and hold everything in really well, so I didn't feel quite so fat once I had them on. I felt bolstered in more ways than one.

1400 cals is not much! If you eat sensibly, and don't eat extra for your run/walk sessions, then you should see the weight coming off. It won't be rapid after maybe the first week, but if you STICK at both running and healthy eating then you will get success. If you don't .......

Please go slowly on the run sections of the programme. Too many try and run too fast and end up in difficulty. As Laura says light, slow jogging is all that's required and she knows what she's on about.

It's fun! It's a blast and can change your life if you just go with it. Start today!


Thanks for this - that's really helpful advice. I didn't know about the running pants. I think they will help as I just feel so self conscious and have no proper gear other than training shoes and loose fitting jogging pants. I'll get some of these and then try running outside - i like the idea of a quiet park to run in :)

thanks again :)


The Nike Filament pants aren't that expensive but are just thicker and don't wrinkle like some of the cheaper ones. I have cheaper, thinner ones but for me the Nike ones are the best. I've been wearing mine since I started C25k and still run in them. I only have the one pair of long running pants and these are they! If you wear a running tee (special wicking material) that will cover your tummy and bottom so don't worry. They are cheap as chips too

Yep a quiet corner of a park or some remote street where no-one knows you, it really doesn't matter. Just do it and you'll never regret it. We all started at the beginning - off the couch but we're not on it now. I'm 57 and am the fittest now than I can ever remember. I have lost over 4 stones and packed up fags and booze.

The program is just wonderful and it's not difficult. Bit tricky some weeks but you get 3 goes so no worries. Some folks stick on some of the runs and might have to repeat but that doesn't matter

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this sounds great - well done you! and thanks for the tips re the clothing, I've just ordered some online :) So to lose your weights did you do the diet on here as well, the 1400 calorie one?


Well done for making the decision to start.

I started a few weeks ago and am now just about to start on week 6. I hadn't run since school (and even then was very reluctant) and am overweight. I was very self conscious and dressed all in black (jogging bottoms, long sleeved top and beanie hat) for the first few times I went.

I was so unfit - it took me 3 weeks to complete week 1 as I just couldn't manage to run for 60 seconds without having to stop. Last week I ran (albeit incredibly slowly) for 20 minutes without stopping. Who'd have thought it!

I already had a decent pair of trainers (although I am intending on buying new quite soon) but did go out and buy running tights and top - I find it more comfortable to wear than jogging bottoms and I got to a certain point where I really didn't give a stuff what people thought I looked like!

I run along our local canal as it is close to work and very flat!! It isn't starting to get a little busier with walkers now the weather is getting better and three weeks ago the amount of people around would have been an issue - now I don't give a stuff!

Stick at it - its great.

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that sounds great - I hope I will be able to achieve as much as you. Yes Im really self conscious but I think a quiet area will help. I thought about a hat too! :) do you wear sweashit if its cold or just brave it with the running top?


I meant sweatshirt! :)


I think everyone goes through the same worries when they start. I went from running in the dark to having the brightest range of Dayglo lycra imaginable. No one will look at you other than to say "good for her". Running outside is so much more pleasurable, and I think you may find it easier. Do give it a try (I am currently working in the Far East, where the treadmill is my only viable option, desperate to get home and back outside).


yes i will thanks, and from what people are saying here it sounds like I won't care about other people once I get going :)


Now the summer is approaching, it's absolutely lovely running just after dawn. It takes will power to peel yourself out from under the duvet, but there really is nothing like it - it makes you feel alive :)


Now listen here young Trayc. First of all WELL DONE for deciding to do this plan. Here's what will happen if you stick to it (which you will by the way, otherwise I'll send the boys round) -

1. You will lose weight GUARANTEED - but don't expect INSTANT results. The first thing that we all noticed were how we all lost INCHES before the actual weight dropped off.

2. You will feel a massive sense of achievement after each run you do.

3. You will feel healthier and you'll be able to breathe DEEPLY and feel amazing.

Now, as to running outside. JUST DO IT! Forget about peeps looking at you because they never do. There are so many other distractions going on in parks, roads etc that you will just be another runner out there, getting fit. Treadmill running will BORE YOU TO DEATH eventually (well, not "literally" but you get my drift).

1400 calories is not much. Everyone always have their own way of doing things but MY fave way of losing weight whilst running was to use MyFitnessPal (a free app). There are LOADS of us on here that have used this in conjunction with running and it really does work. You HAVE to be dead honest entering your food you eat each day, but it really does work. Don't aim too high too quickly - aim to lose a couple of pounds, then another couple....slowly but surely you'll transform into the NEW YOU!

So once again, well done for starting this. Keep us informed because this forum is BRILLIANT for giving encouragement when you need it and also a damned good kick up the bum too! ALL FREE!

Good luck.


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Thanks for this Dan - it's really encouraging! I'm really looking forward to doing my first run tonight. It will be on the treadmill but as soon as my running gear arrives this week I'll go to the park :) I don't feel as worried about doing now, so thanks for that :)


I went to WW class Tracy but any healthy eating plan will do.

Good luck x


I use the treadmill most of the time and it does have advantages. It's slightly easier to run (no wind resistance), you can set the pace right and it's easier on the joints. It's also fine for the first few weeks when you are busy trying to track interval times. Once you get past week 5 and you are doing longer runs it gets a bit boring.

I found running gear compression tights and tops incredibly comfortable if somewhat loud. 3 months ago I wouldn't be seen dead in such stuff, but now I don't care. If the onlooker is running they look just as absurd and if they aren't running well who gives a damn.


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