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After graduation

I graduated a while ago and have done a few runs since and 3 park runs and got a time I was pleased with my best being 28.39. I would like to aim for 10K and before the hot weather managed 6,5K and was going to build up from that. But since the ot weather I have lost motivation and I feel I need a plan to spur me on. I have tried the speed podcasts but can't get on with them, I find it difficult to concentrate on the beat and get my feet in time to them... I seem to run at a constant speed all the way through and can't change that, apart from the end of park run when do a little spurt..:) I see some of you have mentioned the the B210K plan, but I have searched everywhere and can't find it. Does anyone have a link to it?

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if you search for member andystev he has posted a dropbox link to the podcasts.

good luck with it :)


Thank you for that Chuck it does look quite tough, I will see how I get on.


I tried the speed podcast but also didn't really get on with it. I might give it another though as I tried it for the first time not long after graduating, maybe that was just a little too soon.

I'm working towards 10k now too and I've been using the 10k beginner plan on and running with my own playlists. I found the b210k podcasts on itunes yesterday though (just search 10k under the fitness podcasts) and I might mix it up with a few of those too.


I will also look at that star. I found one podcast and downloaded it but it wasn't compatible to my ipod, but the one Chuck suggested seems to be ok.


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