Well I have never successfully completed a run in my life but today at 6.30am I did it! I have to say this program is absolutely fantastic and I cant wait to complete my second run! I know I will wake up achy in the morning but its worth it! I am active but I am used to horse riding so I am completing couch to 5k in order to tone up and with the goal of taking in a 5k charity run. I am already recommending this to friends!

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  • Well done! I think Week One is one of the hardest weeks, with all that stopping and starting. Good luck getting ready for your run!

  • Well done!! Welcome to the crazy C25K journey! I can't wait to hear how you get on, you'll be graduating in no time!

  • Glad to hear you made a good start! Keep it up!

  • Congrats for starting! Week 1 is tough, all that stopping and starting, but keep going and let us know how you go.

  • Well done ! You've joined a great club here . It gets easier, really .Taking the first step is probably the hardest bit. Keep us all posted on your progress ,won't you ?

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