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W1R1 done!

Started back on this program today after previous attempts of only getting as far as week 4 (usual making the excuses, not thinking I could do it, etc). And despite a bit of pain in my shins to begin with, it felt great to be doing it again. The shin pain was down to pounding the pavement a bit too hard I think, so I slowed it down a touch and tried to tread lightly, and the last 4 runs seemed easier than the first, even with a slight incline on the last run and cool down! Felt great afterwards too! I am more determined than ever to finish this program this time, aiming to get to the 5K by New Year if I can, but even if it takes me longer, I know it will benefit me in the long run. So here's to run 2 on Sunday! :) xx

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Well done for restarting - i took numerous attempts to get it done - in the end from my first outing to graduation it look me 7months. You can do it - i found in the early weeks getting out the door was hard so what i found helped me was the night before getting all my stuff out so i saw it and knew i had to do it. Also you have now told us - run 2 is on sunday so we will all be waiting to hear how you got on!! Good luck and i found posting here reguarly helps. Good luck and i am sure you will do it this time!


Thanks vixchile, yes I have no excuse not to do it on Sunday now, I will let you know how it goes. It defintely helps posting on here, plus I tell my boyfriend when I plan to run so he's keeping me on track too and he does his bike in the house while I'm out so we help each other. I'll certainly get my stuff ready on Saturday evening so it's ready to go for the morning :)

Thanks for your encouragement, hope you're running is going well :)


Great i will look forward to reading all about it on Sunday however it sounds like your very determined and have lots of support at home which is also very good :)


Well done for restarting, this time I am sure you will complete it. Just take it one run at a time and don't compare this attempt with pervious ones as they are completely different.

As Laura says you can do this. Good luck and I look forward to watching your progress


You're right, I need to concentrate on the run as it happens, not how I've done it in the past.

We can do this! How are you finding it?


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