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W6r3 completed even with a kerb crawling ambulance!!

Hi All, completed my w6r3 this morning and even if I have to say it's going ok at the moment. Had to laugh when the same ambulance passed me twice and slowly during the 25 min run......... thought I was doing ok (boyfriend passed in car a week ago and said I looked like I was in pain) but I am ignoring boyfriend and kerb crawling ambulance as Laura says I can now call myself a runner!! Onto week 7 on Friday morning. Good luck all :0))

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Well done, it's a great feeling isn't it? I'm at just the same stage as you - W7R1 coming up tomorrow or Friday, depending how I feel.

Good luck with your W7!


Cheers Scipio. Hope it going well for you. Keep up the good work!


Your post made me laugh!

I'm doing Run 3 of Week 6 tonight and I am a little apprehensive. I like to be surprised with each podcast but unfortunately I read some posts on here and discovered that Run 3 of Week 6 is a 25min run!

Now I am as nervous as hell.

Anyhow I've managed it so far just by listening to Laura so here goes...


I think everyones run is different so just do it at your pace and don't give up. You can do it and stick with Laura!


you certainly can call yourself a runner - because that is what you are now. A proper Runner

and look on the bright side with the ambulance, it's like having your personal medical team right there on standby incase you need them... certainly know I could have done with my own team of nurses a few times during my runs lately!


That made me chuckle MatthewW. Keep going!


You've made me chuckle!!

I can relate to the ambulance - part of my route takes me past the local hospital and ambulance station, so they do cruise past slowly but during W5 Run 3 I contemplated staggering in and asking for a lift! Don't know what I'll be like on W6 Run 3 :-D

Well done on your achievement - can't wait for Laura to call me A Proper Runner too!!


You're doing great. Stick with Laura- she's with you all the way, with or without medical intervention!


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