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Week 3 run 2

Excuses for not running today....

1. I have been working nights which makes me feel knackered.

2. My achilles was very painful after my last run and I don't want a proper injury.

3. Its raining.

So......I went out and did run 2. I did feel knackered but still did it and first time I have run in the rain. Its alright!

The buzz that I am getting out of this programme far outweighed the excuses so I'm taking that as telling me things are going in the right direction. Result!

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No runner ever shrunk by getting wet, just the odd jumper perhaps! ;) Hope your Achilles is OK.


Well done for not listening to the gremlins!

I've noticed that I feel so much more positive after a run as well so the negative excuses just don't seem to be as powerful! No running in rain as yet, but that's something I'm now looking forward too :)


I find that if I'm feeling confident and ready for a great run, it doesn't happen, yet if I'm feeling just as you did, Tedium, I end up having a good run! I'm sure that we can all think of a million excuses not to go out, but if you factor that if only takes around half an hour then there's the feel-good factor afterwards, those excuses become trivial.

Hah, I like the rain one, though, as I would love a bit of rain to fall and reduce the beetroot face I seem to have no matter what the weather is like!


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