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Stuck on week 2 run 3


Hi everyone,

I’m stuck at the moment and need some advice. After I get halfway through my run, it feels like my calves are on fire, so much so that I can’t finish off the run. It’s unbearable by the time I get to the penultimate 90 sec run. I always do stretches beforehand and it’s starting to get to me. Has anyone experienced this?

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Sounds like you're running too fast. Slow it right down until your body gets used to it. Google "Japanese Slow Jogging" and watch the video. Also make sure you're fully hydrated.....good luck next time👍😁

I’ve just looked it up, didn’t realise it was a thing! I like it! 🙂


I notice you say you do stretches beforehand ?

Are you doing the dynamic warm up excercises ?

Then ALSO the static stretches afterwards ?

I had thigh issues on week 1 untill I did these !

Hope it helps ! 👍

I do warm up stretches and hold each stretch for 20 seconds before I even leave the house but I don’t do any stretches afterwards. Maybe that’s where I’m going wrong. Thanks for that

Instructor57Graduate in reply to Raakhe123

Hmm.... The static stretches that you hold are really for after you run !

If your not doing them you will probably suffer afterwards .

But before you run, do the dynamic excercises ! Not the ones you hold .

I don't have the link but you will find them in the 'How to do C25K' posts .

Maybe one of the admins can help ?

Instructor57Graduate in reply to Raakhe123

Just found a link

Then do your stretch and hold after your run


Hi I struggled with this right up to week 7 and then I made a big effort to drink loads of water everyday throughout the day and it has really helped to the point that I have had no real issues for the last two runs in week 8. Hope this helps as I know how painful it can be.

Raakhe123 in reply to Gordygirl

I’m terrible for not drinking water. Not drinking water would make sense. Thanks 🙂


Aww bless ... no experience of this and still newish to the running world...

perhaps give yourself a couple of rest days and then slow slow slow... think snail 🐌 or tortoise🐢

If that doesn’t work then perhaps walk it through... get the confidence in your head that you CAN do it!

Stick with it and I promise you got this! 👏👏


There’s no right or wrong on when you do your follow up runs ... it’s a case of listening to your body.

I was fine until I think W4 then I had calf pain ... it was at that point i used a cold press and then a hot bath to ease that pain ... however, I then received loads of advice on the forum about stretches ... after every run I do 10mins of stretches which has really helped .. no twinges since ... there is a link somewhere on the site ... which is linked to the program.

Don’t fret ... you’ll find your own timing and pace ... good luck.

Raakhe123 in reply to PlymBorn

Thank you 😊


I totally agree with instructor57, I struggled with calf pain and sore round my ankle in the first couple of weeks but then I started religiously doing the dynamic stretches before I run and on rest days and doing static stretches and holding for at least 20sec (to the point of discomfort) after each run. I also force myself to drink lots of water. I haven’t had any issues at all since (🤞🏼)

I also watched the Japanese slow running video and it was a total game changer. I’ve just finished wk 6 and have naturally got a bit faster so it trust the program and have faith in your body, it is more amazing than you know 😉

Raakhe123 in reply to Foxyblue

That’s really helpful, thank you. Well done for finishing wk 6


Slow right down, small strides (your feet should land under your knees, not in front of them), land midfoot (no heel striking), roll through and take off from the ball. Totally agree with everything everyone else has said about dynamic stretches. Google '100 up'. Bit old school, but works for me.

Good luck 👍

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