Near collision with DUCK but WEEK 5 RUN 3 COMPLETED!

I did it! I damned well did it!

This is definitely more of a mental test than a physical one. Once my warm up walk was done, Laura came on and announced the 20 minute run and I made a kind of "Oh no!" face. Anyway off I jogged - slowly and before too long 10 minutes had gone by. My breathing was ok, my legs were ok and generally I felt comfortable - which really is a tribute to this training program.

I rounded a corner at one point and nearly got the fright of life as a plump duck decided to launch itself off the wall I was running alongside. My face missed its body by millimetres and it too seemed surprised as it landed in a deep puddle on the road, beside the River Thames! Poor thing must've thought "What the hell is that sweating 50 year old doing?!!"

Anyway, ater 15 mins I started to get a bit of cramp in my right thigh, but with a couple of wallops with my right hand onto said muscle it managed to ease itself. 5 minutes to go and I still felt ok. By the time it was over I felt this feeling of massive achievement. I'd done it! I was quite proud of myself actually......

Straight into the jacuzzi when I got home listening to the radio and thought about WEEK 6. What's in store there eh? Bring it on!


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  • Well done :) If all goes to plan i'm 3 runs away from the dreaded W5R3 and i'm still only running for 5 mins at a time. 20 mins seems impossible but from your blog i'm guessing it isn't!

  • Trust me, its bizarre but its genuinely ok. I dont know how it works but it does. All through weeks 3 and 4 I was managing the 3 and 5 minute runs and ok so i wasnt begging laura to tell me to top but i did find i was thinking it would be quite nice if she said i could stop and then all of a sudden you run 20 mins and its ok! You will be fine. Everything you have done so far will help you.

  • Thanks! I have to say I found Week 4 the hardest. That step up to 5 minutes, for me, was a giant leap for mankind!! Oddly, once that's under your belt your fitness levels are tuned for longer stints so I'll look forward to hearing how you get on!

  • Congratulations! Good luck on W6.

  • Merci beaucoup!

  • That's very reassuring that you managed just fine since I'll be doing this run in four days. Good for you, hope you bask in your achievement all day today. 20 minutes is a freakin' long time to run! :)


  • Ah Sherri, you will be F I N E!! Have to say the endorphine rush afterwards is pretty spectacular. Obviously the red face, profuse sweating and breathing like a racehorse isn't THAT good a look, but what the hell - you'll have run for 20 minutes!

    Best of British to you.

  • Well done! you must be really proud. Did w5 r2 today and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be... mind you the thought of a cool white wine spurred me on. You've given me the inspiration for r3 on Sunday. I must say though that the music is boring me senseless and I make the "oh no Laura" face too. But then I think how far we've actually come and the sense of achievement is awesome :-) I'll be watching for your week 6 run 1 post btw xxxx

  • Yes I'm getting a bit left hand side with the music but I put that down to the fact that I'm no longer cool! I used to be, but then the advance of years screwed things up and I suddenly started regretting that The Beatles had ever split up!!

    Good luck Sunday. YOU CAN DO IT! I'll be starting week 6 that very same day so WATCH OUT!! Hahaha!

  • well done. You did it ! :-) you should enjoy that sense of achievement. Its a great feeling. You deserve it. Oh and so jealous you have a jacuzzi. My aching legs are screaming for a jacuzzi haha Well done again for your newly acquired duck diving skills, and for your great run.

  • Did this run myself today, and agree that it wasn't anywhere near as hard as I'd feared - I must actually be fitter than I'd thought! Loved the music on the podcast today, it really helped me get in "the zone" and keep plodding on!

  • Congrats mandmand. Make sure you take 2 days off resting cos I stupidly went out this morning for W6R1 after just one days rest - and I regretted it!

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