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Week 4 (again!) and MIDGES!

Well after my long break away from the programme (3 weeks!) where I'd originally got to week 4, I started at week 3 again last week to be on the safe side. On my first outing I got attacked by midges and am now still covered in itchy bites! Arrghhh! It doesn't help that these bites are all in the er.. Sweaty regions which have to be covered by undies! Ouch!

So, I went back to catch up by trying week 4 run 1 today and i found it rather challenging!! When Laura said I was only at 4 mins of the first 5 min run I couldnt finish it and had to walk for a bit (though I suppose I was going uphill) as I felt shattered. Plus the track was all churned up because of horses and rain. I finished the rest of it though! Hoping the next run on week 4 is a bit easier and midge free!

Okay thanks for reading! Exhausted rant over!

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Hi Kreesh, I'm in a similar position to you, due to restart week 4 tomorrow after a week-long forced break due to a stubbed toe. I found the first run tough going and had to walk a bit too.

No advice on the midges, I'm afraid, except perhaps jungle juice?


Lemon based insect repellent usually works quite well to ward of the dreaded scottish midge. If you buy the spray you can put it on your clothes as well as your body, will help make a barrier. If your bites are still bothering you try taking antihistamine tablet once a day for a 4-7 days. Its never easy getting back after a break from running but your fitness will soon return, there isn't a time limit on how long it takes to do C25K either so don't worry.


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