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W6R3 - I Actually Ran for 25 Minutes!

So I did W6R3 this evening. I'd had a bad day at work & wasn't planning to run today, but decided I would have a go as it might cheer me up a bit.

I was utterly stunned to find that not only could I run for 25 minutes straight, I actually found it fairly easy & had plenty left for the one minute speed up at the end!

I feel even better about this run than I did about W5R3 and was on a complete high afterwards.

It's hard to believe I've gone from not being able to run a bath six weeks ago to running for 25 minutes. Only three more weeks & five more minutes to graduation! I actually think I will be able to complete this - yay!

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Hey Scipio, me, too! Congrats to us both! It took me about 8 minutes this evening to really settle into a pace and then wonderfully steady. I used the last 5 minutes to bump things up a little but not too much. Now I find I'm really looking forward to whatever Laura has in store for us in W's 7, 8 and 9. Wow. I know I am not jogging very fast, but I sure never thought I would feel this way about exercise. Wow.


I know! It feels really good, doesn't it?


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