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Week 5 run 1 -aprehension!

Ok, so I did the last run of week 4 this morning and it turned out to be quite a negative run :( I finished it ok but I suppose I was expecting it to be somehow easier as the weather had changed from boiling to quite wet and windy. I thought I'd breeze through it but I didn't - my legs felt like lead! Anyway, it's made me feel quite apprehensive about week 5. I don't like feeling negative, I'm very proud for getting this far! Any advice would be great! X

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Congratulations for getting through week 4 and be very proud of yourself for completing the last run despite it feeling difficult. That takes some determination which will carry you through the rest of the programme. If you look at some of the other running sites there are some helpful suggestions about motivation and positive reinforcement. What works for me is to have some mantras such as "I can do this" "I am strong" etc which I just keep saying to myself over and over to keep any negative thoughts blocked out. I try and start the mantras as soon as I wake up because I can run first thing and don't have too many other distractions. I wish you lots of luck for week 5 kept us posted.


Thanks for replying, it's appreciated! Mantra's do help - I'm also quite stubborn so the thought of stopping running just isn't allowed! :)

I just found today more difficult than usual, and I'm sure it'll happen again, but because I can rant on here I find that a lot of the negativity goes as well! :) ill check out other running sites as well, thanks for that :)


Hi Fentaz42, I've been told by others and experienced for myself,good and bad runs....don't get too down about today's run and don't let it put you off .You have successfully completed W4 ,you should be very proud of that.Think how far you've come since W1.Good luck with W5....I'll be doing W5 R1 tomorrow morning and hoping for a cool one ! Let us know how you get on :)


I noticed that you were at week 5 in another post that you'd replied to - I trawl this site, especially when things don't go quite to plan!

Thanks for the encouragement, it's definitely needed today! I won't give up - I'm still in shock that I'm actually running for two sets of five minutes and two sets of three! My mind doesn't think my body can so it, but I'm not listening to it, I'm listening to Laura and fellow runners on here! Thanks for replying, I will keep you posted as long as you do! Happy running! :)


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