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W7R3 Done AND finished with a high! What a difference a day makes!


Been a battle hasn't it lately? This morning I got myself up reasonably early and out at 6.30. Was very reluctant at first having felt so ghastly last time out. What a difference the weather makes. It was cloudy with the odd sprinkle and a strong cool wind. Coped wonderfully! Did all the running - no problem! And when Laura suggested upping the speed at the end I DID. Not hugely I might add - but I did manage to up the pace a little. Not sure if you could call it a high but I am feeling pleased with today's performance. I was beginning to think I could not do this running malarkey and wanted to give up!

So - to all you newbies out there - I take my hat off to you. It is very hard starting the plan when it is so hot. Don't let the heat put you off, just take it slow and steady and look forward to the cooler weather!

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Well done Beek great that you had such a good run. The weather can play a very big part in how good or bad a run goes, too hot and we run out of steam, too cold and we can end up with cramp, too windy and we battle with our breathing. So to any new runners out there who may struggle some days, its completely normal all runners have the odd bad run now and again. The answer to it, don't dwell on it, put it behind you and look forward to your next run with a positive mind, the chances are it could be one of your best to date.

Keep up the good work Beek, you will soon have your Graduate badge and hopefully before long it will be bright and shiny just like the old ones. Well done you. :)

BeekGraduate in reply to Oldgirl

Thank you Oldgirl for your encouragement!. I am thankful that today I have managed a good run. I was rapidly wanting to give up so this is the uplift I needed! It's now 2 hours since I got back and I am full of energy and considering cleaning my neglected house while hubby is out - to surprise him when he gets back!

Graduate badge? Yes - I CAN do it! And I will!

OldgirlGraduate in reply to Beek

Well done Beek, go wheeled that hoover about with some music in your ears, its much more enjoyable ;)

I'm a great believer in thinking that those who find something harder to do but work at it and win through are the ones that stick with it long term. Its not a race its a life changing routine and should be done in a steady manageable way that suits the individual person. I'm also looking forward to reading your Graduation post.


Well done so pleased for you. I look forward to hearing about your graduation run. Good luck


Thank you Mazzero. I know at the beginning you read all the posts from people saying they never thought they could do the programme - and now I know how they were feeling. I can hardly believe I am on week 8 on Tuesday. I won't pretend it was easy and I will be amazed to Graduate! But it is in my sights now - I think perhaps I should plan a park run to celebrate!

The encouragement on this site is amazing! A HUGE THANK YOU TO ALL THE BLOGGERS for keeping us all motivated!

Well done Beek ! It's great to hear you had such a good end to W7 ,especially after such a rotten time a few days ago.

Best of luck with W8 next week.

BeekGraduate in reply to Carolecal

Hi Carolecal. Thank you for replying. I have found it challenging the last few weeks but can see I'm making progress again and want to get to the end now. I think it's time I planned a Parkrun or something similar to keep me motivated. (Still don't think of myself as a 'runner' yet despite Laura telling me so!) Good running to you too!


Bloomin' well done BEEK! Totes amaze balls (as my teenage niece says)! Stick at it cos you're not far from the mighty GRADUATION run + badge!

Remember - slow and steady. Get through each run, each week and before you know it...KABOOM! You'll be running three times per week and have a fitter healthier bod to boot!

BeekGraduate in reply to danzargo

Never thought I'd be seriously contemplating getting a shiny Grad Badge. I'm going to try and make it in a special place or in some way memorable. Maybe a Parkrun? Thank you for the encouragement. This page is wonderfully inspirational!


Well done Beek! I just clicked through and saw how well your run went! The weather does make a huge difference to me too! I like Oldgirl's comment about those who have to work at something but win through being those who stick with it. It has taken me 3 months to get from the start to the end of Week 6! I know that you have had to cope with obstacles along the way, so you finishing week 7 already is absolutely fantastic! :)

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