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What a difference a day makes!


So, I had posted yesterday that I was struggling a little since graduation. After reading some very good advice I tried a different approach today. I've been plodding along at six three mornings a week on my usual route which is 5k and was just not enjoying it. Due to work I have to go at that time in the morning. I'm off work this week along with hubby so took the opportunity to go at a different time of day and on a different route. Set off about 9 am, after eating a light breakfast and having a coffee (always run on empty usually) ran along the river with hubby on his bike motivating me! I ran very slow and we chatted as we went. Did 4k and actually enjoyed it, it felt like fun again! Going to wales for a couple of days tomorrow and my running gear is packed for a nice jog along the beach on Friday morning! Whoop!

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I'm a great believer in the fun running way to do things. For me who is not competitive, I have no wish to break any records now or ever but I do love to run MY way. For me its so good for body and soul :) Happy running in Wales. :)

emmalouise80Graduate in reply to Oldgirl

I think you are right! Thank you.


Well done Em. That's the spirit


I think you've made a great discovery there and it's worth holding on to. Running can be fun - if you don't push yourself too hard all the time :)


Excellent, sounds like you have your mojo! Enjoy Wales, a beach run should be just the ticket! x :-)


You've hit the nail on the head em. It should be fun. Running should bring us joy along with the inevitable aches and pains. Enjoy your runs in Wales :)


Glad to hear you've found your mojo again :)


brilliant, lovely when your mojo returns, enjoy jogging on a Wales beach !

Oh, and it's always lovely to have a new way to hang out with the one you love!


Glad you enjoyed your run. Good luck with Wales trip. Happy running

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