Couch to 5K

3rd time lucky

I will be restarting this programme for the 3rd time today. 1st time I had to stop due to a possible hernia and the 2nd time I had exploratory surgery on my caesarean scar which took longer to heal than expected hence a 3rd restart.

Hoping to be able to manage the 3 minute then 5 minute runs tonight, week 4 I believe, and that I've not lost too much fitness in the last 6 weeks that I've been away from the programme. I've managed to get a lot of walking in during the last 3 weeks so fingers crossed. I won't be going out till late due to the heat.

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Poor you! You have been through the mill haven't you? You must be kind to yourself and not push too hard until you know how your body is coping after all the procedures you've had.

Good luck for when you get back out there! Slow and Steady to start with.


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