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Not blogged for some time & I miss you all

Some time ago I wrote about fitting a new bathroom, this turned in to a major project. In the mean time I was in the process of applying for a new job out of health care and catering.

I got the job! thing is it is 120 miles away in Oxford and so we need to move house, so had to get the house ready for selling. Put the house on the market and sold it one day later - PANIC TIME - now trying to find a house close to but not in Oxford (can not afford it) find a school, wife looking for a new job.

Why am I telling you all this?

Running has been on my mind all this time but finding the time to do it has been hard, I have only managed about one run a week in the past few weeks and really miss my routine. I have been dividing my time between old job and new job (same company) and thinking about how to fit in running.

Tonight I was determined to get a run in and get back to routine, managed only 6K and had absolutely no energy left, it was flippin hot. Ran to my mums house, where my daughter was playing in the paddling pool, saw that and just had to get in, and it was lovely,great was to cool down.

So I am back for for as much as I can for as long as I can, going for another on Friday and can't wait. Still have a lot to do to with the house move - going to drive to Oxfordshire Saturday to try and find a house.

Hello every one, blogs may be few and far between but I have not gone away, just a little distracted.

P.S when did this site change, not to sure about the layout, or grey badges. :-D

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so good to see you back Alcopop I was wondering where you'd disappeared to!!! Congrats on the job..but blimey thats all a nightmare, no wonder no running. Get back in there as you will find it will help, its the only reason I carry on!!!! Yes everything is different now!!!


I just lost my reply to you, duh ! Good to hear from you and good luck with your new job and house hunting. Well done on managing to slot the odd run into such a busy life. Hope things settle down soon for all of you.


Great to see you back. The paddling pool sounds a good idea! Hope the new job and house moving goes smoothly.


Things have changed when you were away alcopops, thing have changed! Hope you will get used to the new look of the site soon..

You'd love Oxford, it is a nice place to live in, hope you will find a good house soon!

Good luck to you for your runs too...I am sure you will be back doing 'proper' running soon. I had about a month off in May-June due to a surgery but then after running for a week or two, everything comes back to normal.


Welcome back Alcopop and congratulations on your new job. Hope you get a house soon. As Juicyju said running will help with all the stress, bit I know it's difficult to make the time. Enjoy it when you can, and yes the grey badges are awful!! :)


Welcome back Alcopop! Running will help with the stress of moving so don't stop! Gery badges are a bit grim, yes :-)


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