Worst run ever and I have had some bad ones.

Haven't run for 1 1/2 weeks because of guests and late nights. So a quiet house and full of enthusiasm for the coming year I set off this morning. It was terrible. I felt like I had a poker shoved down my throat and my chest was so tight. I think I started off too fast but still I only managed 10 min run in total and had to take some walking breaks in between. I can't of lost so much so quickly can I? I know last night I was craving veg, could it be I just have been so unhealthy. 3lb weight gain (not happy with that at all). Hopefully my next run will be better.


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  • Don't worry my first run after my extended break was rubbish too, I can normally run 5k without any hassle but only just managed 2 very slow miles (with breaks). I went out again yesterday and was more respectable in completing 5k without any walking breaks. I think first time back out is a shock to the system, then your brain can take over!

    You start to tell yourself you've lost it and you can't do it anymore, but you can.

    Don't let it bother you and get back out soon to prove it!

  • I am going out again on Monday and I am telling myself it will be better. Thanks

  • I suspect your next run will be much better. I haven't been out since last Sunday and am wondering how I'll do 1st run back.

  • I am sure you will do fine, we will all get there. Thanks.

  • I think it's just cos your routine and eating has been so different You digestive sytem prob sluggish and once you get 'back to normal' eating / drinking/sleeping etc your running will be fine Just keep an eye on throat and chest discomfort just in case one of these yucky bugs lurking and remember -- no such thing as bad run Well done on getting out there and off the couch

  • I know what you mean my voice is going but I think that's more to do with a bit of shouting in crowded noisy rooms over Xmas. Your right I did get out there didn't i, thank you.

  • Hi

    I wanted to post to say keep going!!! Until 3 years ago I had never been able to run but I started after feeling a little low in my life. The first 10 minutes non stop took place after at least 10 attempts so don't worry at all...you WILL get there, then after that I added just 1 extra minute each time, try going out 3 times a week and add a minute or 2 each week, within 12 weeks, even if you thought you could never run a 5K and think you are the worst runner on the planet you WILL do it. It is the hardest thing I have ever done but my God you feel great when you achieve it and can say, Oh yes, I am a runner :-) You need to go just as slow as your fast walk pace to start, you can speed up once you get past the 5k barrier. I have completed 2 half marathons now and I can't believe I did it! It is all in the mind, GO for IT x

  • Thanks for that, your so right. Ive had iron issues and maybe need to have some structure rather than pushing too hard. Wow 2 half marathons that's fantastic. I will defiantly go for it.

  • I think a combination of festive food, celebrations and changes to routine can get to us all! Add in the weather - and apparently there's lots of winter germs around too as the temperature hasn't been cold enough to kill them off. I've been lucky in having more time to get out but have had to take a couple of walk breaks on my last run and am definitely not at my usual fitness level (not that my usual level is all that fit either!).

    I think you need to take the pressure off yourself - enjoy the fact that your able to run rather than push for distance or time. Drink plenty of water too - not sure about everyone else but I'm feeling really dehydrated after festive snacks and alcohol. You haven't lost your fitness but you do need to listen to your body and I think it wants you to ease back in gently!

  • Good point on the hydration. Have really being enjoy cheesletes and cheese and crackers. A lot more salt than I am used to so I will up my water. I am going to go easy and go back to building up for the next six weeks. Thanks, happy running.

  • Only just spotted this. How have you been since?

  • I have stopped all things that put pressure on me. Ie. distance, time. I run when I want and walk when I want. I did that yesterday and it was fanatsic and I managed to run further than I have been doing recently. More than that I enjoyed it. Just shows, thank you so much for asking.

  • So glad. I know what you mean. Sometimes I think the pressure we put on ourselves negates some of the great stress relief that running gives you.

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