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W6 R2 my first 5K

well I know I can run 20 minutes...did that last week, today I ran the 10 minutes did the 3 minute walk, did the next ten minutes and lost my running group-they were miles ahead of me, then the leader came back for me said we still had about a mile to go! We chatted about the programme and walked then I was encouraged to run the last 400m which I did, the whole of the group was there waiting and cheering me on, even though I had kept them waiting, what a great group will miss them when I do my Friday run eeekkk first 25 minutes, am sure I can do it though, hope this weather breaks it was so close today, really needed a storm. So Gateshead Mondays, Newcastle Wednesdays, my local Fridays really think this will work :-)

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Hi tor41, you have good runs and bad runs, don't be upset. I have had fantastic runs and then have rubbish runs, but you just got to keep on going. Even at Park Runs, I see people run so gfast one day and then next day so slow, it is just how our body works I think. It is great to have a running group, I have always run on my own and it is hard at times to get motivated to get out of home. You are very lucky to have them, great job, keep it up and good luck!


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