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Back on track after Week 4 wobble!

After doing really badly at W4 runs 1 and 2 I was feeling pretty sorry for myself! I came across the site and found some fantastic advice and motivational posts.

So, I went for a gait analysis and invested in some new running shoes - brilliant service in Up and Running in Swansea. I had been using an iphone app to keep track of the time but found I was constantly checking to see when I could walk which was not good for motivation.

Today I went out with my new shoes and Laura to help me - what a difference. I managed run 3, didn't find it easy but I did it! I am nervous for week 5 but feel more positive.

Thank you everyone for helping me to keep going.

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Well done you for sticking with it. I bought proper running shoes a few weeks ago and I think they have made a difference too. I sometimes got backache slightly but don't now. It hasn't helped in the heat though but hopefully tonight will be a little bit cooler. Keep going and trust Laura.


Congratulations,things just move up a notch on W4 ,don't they? I'm just one run behind you and didn't find R1 very nice at all ,though the second was better.I think we just have to get used to feeling apprehensive just before starting each new stage,but I'm sure you will take W5 in your stride .,.ouch,sorry !

Good luck !


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