Week 5 Run 3 - Cracked the Big One!

I planned to do W5R3 on Monday morning, but woke up today & just knew I had to get on and do it.

And I did! Nicely slow & steady, but 20 minutes continuous running done & dusted. I am so pleased.

It's funny, but I didn't feel euphoric like I did when I reached this stage last year - just relieved to have got it done.

So I've got W5R3 out of the way, I'm healthy & uninjured (touch wood!) and I'm off into uncharted territory - W6 and onwards.

Bring it on!

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  • well done scipio, I am a couple of runs behind you, 20 mins non stop sounds very scary!

  • Well done Scipio! I managed it too!!

  • Woohoo, well done you, Congratulations on getting to new territory, hope all continues to go well, Happy Running :-)

  • Thanks everyone!

  • I'm about to do run 3 tomorrow I didn't realise it was a full 20 mins non stop- eek!

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