Couch to 5K

Race for Life :)

Done! I hadn't finished c25k before the big day, so I was worried I wouldn't finish the course running, but I ran 5k in 35 minutes, and it was really really easy. Having to run through lots of walking 'joggers' was most frustrating, though. Next year, I'll line up with the runners.

I'm going to skip the rest of week 8 now (would have only been one more 28 minute run anyway), and go on to week 9. And a few months ago I could barely run for a whole minute...

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Well done - good time! Where was your RFL - I ran RFL at Cirencester today. I didn't notice too much of a problem with walking 'joggers', but then again I jog at most people's walking pace. :(


Newcastle. We were running on grass- there were cowpats.


Yes!! I did this race for life too, in Newcastle?! I was so annoyed at the amount of walkers who started with the joggers! I really wish I'd gone with the runners! There was even people walking while pushing pushchairs in front of us! I couldn't get a good pace until we hit the road! But I still did it, just under 37 mins! Furthest and longest I've ever ran so I'm over the moon! Well done to you! It's great to know some fellow C25K's were running today too! xx


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