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Away last week at the seaside with little grandaughter so no opportunity to run . Did short 20 mins on Saturday after we got back and it was a struggle.

Race for Life today which I had been working towards and hoping to get round without walking. No chance ...defeated by the heat ,tiredness and amount of people disappointed as I know I could of done better :-( x

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Everyone has bad runs, you're not alone. Its a shame that yours happened to fall on the Race for Life but at least you did it, you didn't give up.


Absolutely .... I'll echo the comments above: well done for trying! There are loads of other opportunities for RfL and probably more than chances to enjoy a grandchild at the seaside. Keep plodding and we'll all get there soon .... I've still not done a RfL as I'm slightly embarrassed still by my plodding ... The recent heatwave has been gruelling for maintaining fitness - especially when just going out has caused shortness of breath. No matter, no worries, another day will dawn when success and the full 5k running will be do-able!

Cheers, Linda :D


Put it down to a bad day. This heat has been really draining to run in for weeks now. Don't let it put you off.


I felt the same when I did my RfL in June. But its not really a race is it, it's more about raising money and supporting the Cancer charity. But don't put yourself down, you did the course when you were hot, tired and jostled by the crowd. Well done! As Linda said, there will be lots more chances at RfL when it might be cooler or not so busy etc. And to quote the wonderful Laura - altogether now - " A bad run is better than no run!"

You could always try Parkrun and race against your own time, or try another 5k race.


I planned to run the Cheltenham 10k Race for Life, but it was just too hot. There was no shade and the ground was very uneven. The Race for Life is about raising money for charity, and as long as you did that, no-one will complain. Put your bad run behind you - we all have them - and keep going. A bad run is better than no run at all!


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