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So near yet so far

Did my Race for Life today in the searing heat. Didn't start till nigh on midday so you can imagine. Got so close to running it all but not far from the finish I had to take a breather for around 75 metres. So disappointed with myself as I have done the distance a number of times but only very early in the morning. This time the heat was just a little too much for did everyone else get on out there today?

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Luckily for me the clouds kept the heat tolerable up at Race for Life Wirral. First full run without Laura's assistance, and I managed just under 34.5 minutes. I'm pretty happy with that and the atmosphere was fantastic. Legs are now starting to hint that a Radox bath this evening would be a very good idea!


Well done! Good time too....what's the next challenge? There always has to be one!!!!


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