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Big fat Fail!

Last week I decided to run late in the evenings because of the heat and that really seemed to work. This week I've been quite busy and have only managed Monday which was a real struggle but I set a target of 4k as it was still very hot and completed it in a half decent time for me. Still felt like hell though.

Have gone out this morning, it's a bit cloudy, not so hot though quite muggy. I just couldn't do it. Managed 2k which is completely laughable. Has made me really down - pathetic I know but I've never had a major fail before! Almost feel like I can't run anymore which is stupid I know, but I know that you lot will hopefully understand!


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Hi! Any run is a run, not a fail... that would be sitting on the couch not running!

It is muggy out there, I was surprised when I went for my run this morning. Maybe the heat and being busy all week has depleted your energy stores; but everyone has a 'bad' run at some stage. Don't dwell on it; and have a good one next time! :-)


You still went out and ran so it's not a fail. :-) We all have a bad run on occasion it's just a fact of life. They can't all be brilliant. I do understand how you feel though, I've had a few crap runs myself. I run in the mornings and by 8:30 it's too late for me because it's already too hot. And as it's suppose to be a scorcher again tomorrow I think I'll have to be up with the birds. :-)


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