Big Fat Fail!

Oh dear Week 4, Run 3 a big fat FAIL!!! It all went wrong from the start as I lost the sound on my phone. Then running along the beach the tide was on the way out and the flat sand that was left behind was so soft and wet, it made running really difficult. I decided to make my way to the road and to somehow manage without the sound. Having to keep looking at the phone while running was a real pain, then started to get a lot of leg pain calves and shins, just gave up in the end and just ran/walked home. This is the first time I’ve failed to complete a run so feeling a little deflated atm!


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17 Replies

  • Oh dear.... you might get into a little bit of trouble using the F word on here!! :) It's highly frowned upon!! In a supportive, helpful kind of way though :) That's definitely not a fail, it's a practice that went a bit wrong. If all that happened to me, I would have stopped too! Blimey, my brain does a good enough job of trying to stop me on a daily basis, never mind all of the real reasons you've just been through.

    I love the idea of running on a beach, but it's not always practical. The extra exertion could have caused your leg pains, or maybe you were running too fast? Chalk it up to reasons beyond your control.... or if you really want to use the F word, some wonderful people on here like to chuck it in the F**k it bucket and move on. You are doing just great :)

  • We do not use that word around here!! Fractice please!! Onwards and upwards, it’s still a run!!

  • Not your fault Mazzy, things conspired against you..

    As fishypieface says, running on sand is tough, you don't need tough at this stage..

    Rest up then try this run again in a day or two, with all your tech in place and on a good surface..You will nail it😊xx

  • Nicely put as always Jan :)

  • No such thing as F**L - you were just out having a 'practice' run, that's all, and you will have learnt something from the experience.

    I completely echo what Fishypieface has said. There are plenty here who have quite full F**K it buckets so, please, try not to feel deflated.

    Have a good rest day and then head out with renewed positivity 🤗

    You can do this, and you will..!!

  • Haha! I've got my own refuse truck bursting at the seams!! :)

  • 😂😂 That's as maybe, but look at you now... awesomeness personified 😊😊

  • If only! But thanks for thinking that I am! Can you come and tell everyone I know that! :) :)

    You and everyone else are all ruddy amazing ... cos we are out there doing it instead of sitting on our (in my case ample) behinds, festering :)

  • Of course I will 😉

    Without a doubt. Doesn't matter if we have a great run or a run that doesn't go according to plan - it's a run that we wouldn't have done if we'd stayed sitting on the sofa 😊

  • Too true you lovely you! x

  • Oh dear, it happens to us all at some point. Have a rest day and try again 😁

  • Mazzy, I hear you, but you had a practice run, nothing more than that. Don't beat yourself up about it.

    There's a great line from a film, you may have heard it before:

    Why do we fall? To learn to pick ourselves up.

    If every run went perfectly it would be brilliant but realistically we ALL suffer a practice run from time to time, you aren't alone I guarantee you.

    Learn the lessons from todays run and move on, re-do the run, don't dwell on it overly much.

  • It's not a fail! It was just different.

  • Gosh I couldn’t run on the sand. That would be very difficult. Take a rest and try again in a couple of days. You can do it. Keep positive and don’t be deflated. You were out there and doing it. That in itself is progress 😀

  • Feeling the positivity!......Thanks everyone

  • Hi Mazzy, i tried week 5 run 3 for the first time outside while I was away on holiday last week...I couldn't do it! The humidity effected my breathing , being outside running an uneven road also made it far more difficult...I couldn't finish without stopping a few times in-between. I arrived back at my villa deflated, after a pep talk from my daughter the plan is to repeat the same run until I do it, so that's what I am doing - the same run 3 times now , each run an improvement. So don't feel bad just take it as something you can learn from, adjust and improve on - you can do it :)

  • Ah thank you TanyaGel! I’m in the Canaries on holiday and even in the early morning it’s so very hot and humid, It’s also very hilly around here which I’m definitely not used to. I’m going to try again tomorrow and see what happens. Fingers crossed!🤞

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